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Recordgone.com Is Updating Our Eligibility Test With New Indiana Expungement Law

Indiana’s expungement law will be changing on July 1, 2013. The new law will make more people eligible to clear their criminal record. The change in law will allow misdemeanors and felonies to be expunged from an individual’s criminal history as long as they meet certain requirements. Continue reading

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RecordGone.com Founder Testifies In Support of California Expungement Bill

Mathew Higbee, founder of the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates and RecordGone.com, testified in favor of changes to California’s expungement law in front of the California State Assembly Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, June 25th. Higbee was speaking in support of Senate Bill 530 (SB 530), authored by Senator Roderick Wright. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Senate Bill Redefines Expungement Laws

State Senator Tim Solobay recently reintroduced a bill, Senate Bill 391, to allow for more leniency in expungement law. The current law states that crimes other than summary offenses can not be expunged until after the offender turned 70 years … Continue reading

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