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Client Testimonials

We are a national record clearing and expungement law firm, and have earned an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, 4.9/5 stars from ShopperApproved.com and a Superb from Avvo.com. We are licensed professionals, with spotless disciplinary reports, who have helped thousands of people clear their criminal record. You can trust us to clear your record at a price you can afford. You can take our free eligibility test to find out what services your qualified for.

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I would like to say thank you to Higbee & Associates for the job well done on my nondisclosure case. After being told I could no longer work for a company due to a conviction that was dismissed I was speechless. I explained to my employer that my conviction was dismissed and they told me since I had pleaded guilty on the conviction it did not matter. Needless to say I became jobless at a bad time with the recession Due to the bad economy the employers are now at an advantage of selecting the top notch candidates. In an effort to reduce the numbers they companies have upgraded their qualifications to become a candidate. This means if you have a dismissed conviction it will show up on your record and can affect you finding employment. Beth & Alli worked hard on my case and I was granted my nondisclosure. I will be honest that it is nerve wrecking dealing with someone over the internet that you do not know due to all of the scams out their. But this team did a great job and now I can move on with my professional life and not fear I will receive a letter releasing me from work due to my past! Kudos once again to Beth and Alli for representing me and saving me a drive 625 miles for court!

- Matthew B from Bosque Texas

I am a truck driver that needed to be able to get into Canada,before Recordgone.com I had tried to go across the border which resulted in a very long day and my truck getting impounded. I got a hold of the people at Recordgone.com and in just a few months they were able to get a gun charge dismissed as well as a MAJOR drug related felony. I have since been to Canada many times with little or no hassle. I am more than happy with the results and have in fact recommended them to my friends.

- Patrick H from San Bernardino California

Recordgone.com made the expungement process so easy and convenient! There were a couple of stories I read in the review stating that the process takes a while (~6 months), but my California expungement took no more than a couple of months! I'm very satisfied!

- Alex H from Orange California

Recordgone.com has been an absolute blessing in my life. Anything legal scares me. It seems so daunting. But the idea of finding an attorney (and having money to pay them) was downright frightening. You hear so many horror stories about scams on the internet. But after doing some research on them I felt safe enough to sign up. Having professional attorneys take care of me and do all the work was fabulous. Everyone at Recordgone.com was extremely helpful and always provided up to the minute communication. I was worried that I'd feel like just another faceless internet client but the signed letter upon registering with them and having a case manager, Alli, made it a more personal experience. They updated my case page quickly and I received any mail from them in a timely manner. I signed up with them in the beginning of January 2011 and received notification of my expungement on the first day of April (no joke). I am completely certain that I would not be sitting here with an expunged record without them. Thank you so much!

- Caitlin S from Coconino Arizona

I was more than satisfied with RecordGone.com. They provided all my information and documents in a timely manner and answered all my questions precisely. They also offered me additional services which helped me to start my job even sooner than expected! The online feature is very convenient and enabled me to stay updated on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your services and this law firm is highly recommended.

- Nichole M from Coconino Arizona

Mathew Higbee & Associates have given me outstanding legal service, far beyond what I ever could have expected or hoped for. Prior to my seeking services from Mathew Higbee, I contacted three different attorneys in Dallas, who either told me my case was hopeless or otherwise wasted my time and money and accomplished nothing. But in dramatic contrast, Higbee & Associates took my case, and in about six months brought it to a successful conclusion. In my book they are top notch, top drawer, the best ever! I can't praise them or say enough about their organization and what they have done for me. Incredible! Outstanding !! Great people, all of them.

- John Y from Dallas Texas

I would like to thank Higbee and Associates (Recordgone.com)!! They made you feel like you were their only client. I started the process in February 2010 and got my case completed and dismissed in August 2010. It did take them quite a long time but it was all worth it at the end! My case was denied the first time they went to court, but they went back a second time and the judge granted the case. I feel more confident and free after I heard the good news! I been looking for a job for 8 months now, and been denied a few good opportunity because of my background. I would recommend Recordgone.com to Everyone that wants to get their life back together.

- Sean T from Hennepin Minnesota

RecordGone.com was great, this was honestly one of the best investments I have ever made. I had a record from 2004, six years ago and it was holding my future back so much, I had trouble finding jobs, I had trouble with school and financial aide but NOW that is old news. I can walk around with confidence knowing my record will never come up to haunt me again. It was a little scary finding a website and paying everything up front but with the online case management system RecordGone.com has I was able to view any progress the attorney's made and if I had any questions about my case they were only a phone call away. I would like to thank the attorneys at the law firm Higbee and associates for the great and professional job and I can never truly thank them enough, my wife and my families future is going to be ten times better now that I'm not haunted by my past and can finally move forward with confidence. Thank you from the Cortez family for all of your hard work and great effort. I 100% recommend this firm and website to anyone who is interested in clearing their record. RecordGone.com is my #1 choice.

- Roland C from Bexar Texas

There was more to my case than just a simple expungement. They had two reductions to complete in order to be eligible for the expungement. Then there were several records to expunge. They did a great job,they kept me informed and handled my case in a timely manner, I only appeared in court one time. I would recommend anyone who needs this service to Recordgone.com,I can finally put all of this behind me. Thanks Recordgone.com!

- Caleb S from Salt Lake Utah

I greatly appreciate all the work everyone at Recordgone.com has done for me. They were successful in completing the objectives given to them in a timely manner. I recommend anyone who would need that type of assistance to go to them and get the best results.

- Frank H from San Bernardino California

I recently had my record cleared by recordgone.com. I was completely satisfied with they're service. they took care of all my needs and answered all my questions promptly. I feel this is the most productive thing i've done in a long time and i couldn't have done it without them. i want to thank you recordgone.com!

- Jonathan K from Maricopa Arizona

I want to thank The Law offices of Higbee & Associates for giving me back the chance to pursue my dreams. Without this firms persistence and experience I wouldn't be looking at a brighter future.

- Reggie R from Palm Beach Florida

I highly recommend Recordgone.com and Higbee & Assoc. and the staff. They were able to have my record expunged which will give me a second chance to start a new career and possibly a better life. My case manager Alli made the process easy to understand and she kept me well informed and helped me through each of the steps and she answered all my questions and concerns in a timely manner. The staff at Higbee & Assoc did a fantastic job through diligence and hard work and had my case completed in just a few months and with less cost to me than any other Attorney I received a quote from for the same service. Thank you I now have a better outlook towards my future.

- Stephen M from Saint Johns Florida

It's been seven years, almost to the day, since my life was changed forever. For nearly a decade I had given up on many career choices as I thought they were no longer attainable. I was constantly reminded of my criminal background. I've moved on in every aspect of my life from where I was then. The last step was moving past my conviction.

Higbee and Associates helped me get on with my life. I had previously spoken with multiple Attorneys who informed me that not only would it be costly, but difficult to have my Felony Expunged. The professionals at Recordgone.com never once gave me that impression.

Whitney and staff have been there every step of the way to provide me with answers to all of my inquiries. Their pricing and services are not only affordable, but unbeatable. I shopped multiple websites as well as personal friends who are Lawyers who could not match Recordgone.com's pricing. THEY ARE THE MOST AFFORDABLE OUT THERE!

My case was Expunged as of 3/4/10. I'm moving on with my life. Higbee and Associates helped me and they can help you. Don't give up hope like I did.

- Dustin S from Los Angeles California

Hi, just a quick thanks, to you and all of your team. Words alone cannot come close to how I felt after reading about my case being expunged. Had to send this to share with those that want a case done right, start here first, get it done right the first time. fast.

- Dale T from San Bernardino California

Record gone was amazing the way they handled my case in Arizona. Now I can move on with my life with my head high and unstoppable to do anything in life. Thanks Record gone for everything.

- Timothy W from Maricopa Arizona

Nadia with Recordgone.com was motivated and thorough in helping me to get my record expunged from 1991...I am now able to apply to school and to a new job stress free! Thanks, Recordgone.com!

- Julie W from Pierce Washington

Thanks to RecordGone.com, my record is now gone!

I can't begin to tell you how great a feeling it is to have my record clean again.

I had been told many times by the State of Texas that since I plead guilty to an offense 16 years ago, that there was nothing that could be done to remove the conviction from my record.

Then one day, after being turned down for yet another good job, I started to research options to have my record cleared, and I ran across this website regarding RecordGone.com. I thought to myself they probably won't be able to help either, then I noticed a link to their website where I found the ""quick eligibility test"". The test only took a few seconds, and the results came back that I should be able to have this removed from my record. I then started communications with a case manager, and a few emails, phone calls and a trip back to Texas, and now I am once again a free American. My Lawyer was EXCEPTIONAL! She was a blessing in disguise, and really went the extra mile to make this happen for me.

I promise you, if there is a way to have your convictions expunged, or in my case set aside, they will find a way to help you. And the price is as quoted. No hidden charges, or fees or anything.

They are the best thing to happen to me in many years. Life for me has gotten much better since filling out that little qualification test. If you are reading this, you probably need to just go take that test. This is the right company, they are the real deal.

Thank you RecordGone.com! Thank you!!

- Charles C from Denton Texas

I have been 100% satisfied with Recordgone.com Not only were they successful in getting my two past convictions set aside in Arizona, but they were professional and extremely efficient in the process. My Case Manager, Lisa, was very professional and diligent (she was also very pleasant). She worked hard on my case and responded to my MANY inquires in a timely manner. As one could imagine, reliving old discrepancies can be an agonizing process. Lisa and Recordgone.com made that process manageable, quick, and as painless as possible.

- Matthew M from Pima Arizona

Recordgone.com...Well I was nervous to send my money to an online company to be honest. It was a lengthy process (four months) but in the end this company really did get the job done!!! I was totally amazed! I had this felony on my record for 20 years and now I can apply to places I never could have before for jobs. I am truly grateful for Lisa's (my attorney) help. It was simple and happened just the way they said it would. Just be patient with the courts. I would recommend this company to everyone! Thanks

- Jason C from Bergen New Jersey

Recordgone.com was able to set aside my arizona misdemeanor conviction in under 60 days! I am so happy, because now I can apply for promotions without something from 7 years ago haunting me. Please hire recordgone.com, the legal assistants are so helpful and their entire company is top notch. You will be extremely happy with your results, I now refer everyone I know with any criminal convictions to them!!!

- Ryan S from Maricopa Arizona

I was sceptical at first when my brother found your company and thought you could help me. After speaking to your Attorney I felt very comfortable and assured that your company could help me too have my life back. Your website was fairly easy to use and when I had problems, my Case Manager Lisa First was always available to help. When leaving a Voice Mail or E-Mail I always received a prompt response from her. After the judge denied to file my cases together your office worked with me financially in order to still have my needs met. At this time I have 1 charge vacated and hopefully will hear back shortly on my other 2 cases. I have worked hard to turn my life around. Thank You Lisa and all the rest of staff at Recordgone.com for all your time and hard work in helping me to have a second chance at life. I would recommend Recordgone.com to anyone that is ready for a second chance and wanting to put their criminal past behind them.

- Kathleen R from Maricopa Arizona

Thank you!!! Words could never express the gratitude I feel! I had a tough, unfortunate case that fell in a very grey area and Ben got it done! My situation could have been seen for what really happened or it could have been taken entirely out of context! Something that has haunted me for years! We were originally turned down and he continued to persist until it was finished! Thank you so much I will definitely recommend your services. I feel like I finally have my life back 20 years later and it is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders!

- Brooks B from Washington Utah

I paid $400 to have an old conviction in Arizona set aside from 1992. The folks at Higbee & Associates were extremely professional and courteous. They kept the web portal updated so I could see a status on all steps required, and they were in constant contact through email answering any questions or concerns I had. It was a very easy process. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone who desires to have professionals in your corner at a competitive price.

- Aaron C from Yuma Arizona

I called Matthew Higbee and Assoc. in March of 2009 to have a record sealed . They were very nice and kept me informed throughout the process. They answered all my questions within "just a few hours" of asking. It took some time to get a court date, but their "Local" attorney contacted me a few days before court and we met outside the courtroom on the day of hearing. The Record sealing was "Granted" and at about half the cost of the Attorneys here ! Thanks for the professionalism, courtesy, and promptness. special thanks to Betty and Jessica! I would definitely recommend them for your legal needs.

- Jeffrey D from Orange Florida

Impressed by people who do expungements here. Got rid of a Gross Misdemeanor received back in April 2003 in MN. The whole process took around almost 7 months but went fast. Was able to review all updates to my case via web portal that was very cool. Case manager was always there to answer my queries. Botton line - can be recommended to any unlucky person who got a criminal record in states where Higbee & Associates work !

- Irfan S from Clay Minnesota

I had great success with Recordgone.com legal representation. They always kept my file up to date with my case progress. Even though the court system is slow, Recordgone.com does as much as they can to excel your case through the courts. Not only would they email, Lisa the case manager did an excellent job with a follow-up phone call. They allow you to ask any and all question throughout the process, as well as after the case has been settled. Recordgone.com was able to get my felony conviction set-aside and restore my gun rights, as well. I would use them again if the need arises and would recommend them to others too! THANK YOU RECORDGONE.COM FOR HELPING ME PROGRESS AND SUCCEED IN LIFE!

- Walter P from Maricopa Arizona

Thanks to Recordgone.com my felony convictions were set aside & I am now able to apply for any job I desire. I highly recommend recordgone.com to anyone wishing to turn over a new chapter in their lives!

- Nikolai N from Maricopa Arizona

I can not recommend this firm highly enough. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they are a treat to work with online and via emails. The firm has a clearly laid out workflow stream online that they update after each step of the expungement process, so you always know what the status of your case is, and can watch it progress. It is very calming to always know the status of your case and the next steps.

I'd also like to add that while most of these expungement/vacating cases are just a rubber-stamp issue in front of the judge and then vacated from your record, in my case it was not. The court system had lost part of my original case paperwork, and the judge was not initially willing to vacate my conviction until the clerk had found the initial file (considering it was over five years old, and from a separate district court which had been shut down several years earlier I was quite sure they'd never find it, and I'd be stuck with this on my record).

However, I was incredibly impressed with the attorney that the firm arranged for me. She stood up to the judge and successfully convinced both him and the prosecutor to drop their objections to moving forward with my expungement without the initial paperwork. With a lesser attorney on my behalf I would not have the clean record I do now, and would still be waiting for the court clerk to find that initial case paperwork. Thank you recordgone.com!

- Tyler A from King Washington

My case was 20 years old, and the firm had to do a lot of searching, it took some time. They did get all of my rights restored. They did a superb job of keeping me updated. I highly recommend there services.J.C

- Carlson J from Pima Arizona

Recordgone.com was a pleasure to work with right from the start. The price was great, and the option to pay in 3 installments made it even more attractive. The online case management is an intuitive and user friendly system designed to keep the client informed of the progress of their case. Any e-mailed questions were answered very quickly, and most importantly, they achieved the desired results. Thank you Recordgone.com

- Thomas L W from Bergen New Jersey

I want to thank everybody at Higbee & Associates for their professionalism and fast reliable service. I had a blemish on my record that has haunted me for many years and recordgone.com was the ONLY place who was very affordable and never hesitated to help me. They answered all of my questions and gave me insight as to what was going on through the process every step of the way. My record was cleared up in less than two months and I highly recommend them to everybody!

- Anthony G from Los Angeles California

Much better than I ever expected in just about every way. My only small issue was with the court so not there fault. Higbee and staff were amazing and very helpful. Chad was always quick to return calls. Other very small issue was that I had to call them if I did not want to read progress updates online.

- Richard L from Mason Washington

I had two complex matters for Higbee: a drug case records update and also an arrest record sealing. Regarding the drug case arrest record update, this matter stretched back 19 years. It was critical for me to have this arrest record updated to reflect "No Conviction." Without that, people would just assume that, since all it showed was an arrest, I therefore must be a crook. How Higbee was able to obtain the necessary court records to accomplish this update was remarkable. Higbee's capabilities in dealing with the Court bureaucracy is amazing!

The matter of the arrest record sealing is even more astonishing. That matter stretched back 13 years. Not only was Higbee able to get through the normal two -year statute of limitations applicable here, but they were also able to demonstrate that I was "factually innocent." In fact, the presiding judge, who has presided over more than 200 of these cases in his 23 year career, said that Higbee's court filings were the best he had ever seen. Moreover, this Judge said that he had only granted one record sealing besides mine in all his years. This means that Higbee's capabilities are in the top 1%.

I should add that both of my arrests were for felonies. Now, because of Higbee, my record is clean. Higbee truly is a remarkable Firm! Finally, I will add that I am blind. Higbee's web-based technologies were totally accessible to me. That meant a lot to me; since it allowed me a great amount of independence in this without me having to rely on sighted people as would normally be the case in dealing with paper-based legal work.

- McDonald R from Los Angeles California

Customer Orientated! What a fresh experience it was dealing with Recordgone.com. I was able to conduct all business regarding my request through email and online payments were a breeze. Very friendly and knowledgeable. A+++

- Lloyd K from Maricopa Arizona

I had great success with Recordgone.com legal representation. They always kept my file up to date with my case progress. Even though the court system is slow, Recordgone.com does as much as they can to excel your case through the courts. Not only would they email, Lisa the case manager did an excellent job with a follow-up phone call. They allow you to ask any and all question throughout the process, as well as after the case has been settled. Recordgone.com was able to get my felony conviction set-aside and restore my gun rights, as well. I would use them again if the need arises and would recommend them to others too! THANK YOU RECORDGONE.COM FOR HELPING ME PROGRESS AND SUCCEED IN LIFE!

- Walter P from Maricopa Arizona

Hello Recordgone.com Team! I wanted to thank you so much for your service! I recently applied for a new job and was told I would undergo an "extensive" background check which included work, educational, credit, drug and criminal history. At first I was extremely nervous since I expected the removal of my criminal conviction to take some time. However, using your Expedited Criminal Database Update service proved invaluable. It was well worth the $150!!! I'm happy to say that my file with my new employer passed with flying colors and I start on Monday! I’d recommend your service to anyone who wants this peace of mind!

- Danny T from King Washington

I am an extremely satisfied client. Paul William Hecht and his staff went above and beyond what can be expected for their reasonable fee. My case was tougher than average and they were straight-forward with me before any fees were paid. Thanks to their incredibly hard work, and despite opposition from the DA, they achieved the results I hoped for. I will be forever grateful and feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. There truly are no words to adequately express just how thankful and pleased I am.

- Matthew K from San Diego California

Need your life back? Higbee and Associates is a law firm that can be trusted to do for you what you need them to do. For almost 40 years I was treated like a second class citizen because of a conviction on my record. Higbee and Associates was able to fix this for me and now I feel like I have attained a new freedom in my life. Thank you, Higbee and Associates for all you do.

- William P from Camden New Jersey

Mr. Higbee and his team were extremely helpful and of the utmost professional in their assistance. The rates are by far the lowest in the industry and they will deliver in a short amount of time. I have really enjoyed working with his assistance, Mr. Tran. Thanks for all of your hard work.

- Sonny N from Travis Texas

Very efficient and responsive even though my case was primarily handled online. The Higbee group delivered on the their promise, which for me is the most important thing you can ask for in legal services.

- Eric H from San Mateo California

There are not many words that I can use to describe how absolutely happy and satisfied I am with this service. For almost 7 years I struggled with having something negative on my criminal record that kept me from being able to get the jobs that I wanted and do the things that I needed to do in life. I have searched high and low for an attorney that would represent me, and when I came across Higbee and Associates I knew that this was "the one". My case manager was always friendly and responded to all of my questions in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Higbee and Associates to any and everyone who is looking to have their criminal record set aside/expunged.

- Adrienne C from Kalamazoo Michigan

I was extremely pleased with my experience with Higbee and Associates. I retained the services of this law firm to expunge a DUI conviction I incurred in 2011. Prior to working with this law firm, I had retained the services of another law firm that I was very unsatisfied with. The transition from my previous attorney to Higbee and Associates was smooth and pleasant. I immediately felt at ease when I spoke with the case manager who was able to give me a realistic outlook on how to approach my case. Once I formally retained their services, I was given an online account that gave me a detailed and up to date online dashboard regarding the status of my case. I honestly believe this online format should be the blueprint of how law firms communicate with their clients in the future. It is easy to use, intuitive, current, and relevant. On top of the exceptional service and reasonable price, this firm ultimately delivered on their promise regarding the outcome of my case. I am very grateful to have this incident put behind me and move forward with my life thanks to Higbee & Associates.

- Kevin C from Los Angeles California

Recordgone.com just got me an expungement on a misdemeanor which was really messing up my job prospects and causing me embarrassment and stress. I couldn't even travel to Canada! I'm really impressed with what I got from them. Here's why: 1. Their site is easy to use, and their personal client dashboards provide extremely detailed information on your case progress. Every single step of the process is ticked off and updated quickly - you just check the site to see what's going on. 2. I talk to a real, live person every time I call, and they pick up immediately! All my calls are documented in my case file so it's really easy to keep track. 3. The process starts immediately once you fill out the application and accept the contract. Someone called me the next day. 4. My case manager was awesome! Keith responded to my emails within hours, and always provided detailed answers to my questions. He's a nice guy too! Thanks Keith for the attention you paid to my case. 5. They're cheaper than anyone else. period. Seriously, this will be the best money you ever spend. Let these guys clean up your record.

- Christopher (Lawrence) R from Orange California

Higbee & Associates were very prompt at keeping my case details updated and I was never in the dark concerning my case. There was one snag but no fault of the attorneys. My expungement was granted and I am grateful. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for closure of their past.

- James T from Santa Clara California

My name is John, and I made a stupid mistake in 2006. and I was convicted as a felon. I thought I was ruined for life I knew if I applied for a job, they would do a background check on me, and find out I was a felon. and would not be given the job. then I heard I could get it expunged. which means employers, and companies would never know I had a felony conviction. it would be erased. like it never happened/ but you can only get one felony record expunged in a life time. I contacted several lawyers about getting my record expunged. they wanted a two thousand dollar retainer fee. before they proceeded with my case. I didn't have that kind of money at the time. so I went on the internet looking for lawyers who could help me with my situation. I came across Higbee and Associates. you can find them under Recordgone.com so I contacted them and they told me they were able to help me. at a very affordable price. the law firm explained to me step by step, what the procedure was going to be like. to get my record expunged. they treat you with respect, and if you have any questions along the way, they will answer you right away. I contacted them in January 2013 and in July 2013 and six months later my record was expunged. they do all the work for you, there are some things you have to do. they will explain that to you, but it was simple and easy. and they email you of their progress. you are never left in the dark. I assure you. I would highly recommend this law firm. their fees are very affordable and they have payment plans. believe me you will not go wrong with this firm..... Now I just want to say thank you to Higbee & Associates and their staff for doing a wonderful job for me. if I ever need a lawyer again, which I hope I never will. I will sure to contact you and if any of my family members or friends need a lawyer, I will be sure to give them you name. thank you again. God Bless You All

- John N from Ocean New Jersey

After many long months of being put off by the state, this law firm was able to soldier through it all and achieve the clearing of my record. They were very patient and answered all my emails promptly and thoroughly. I couldn't be happier. Thank you all so much!! :)

- Robin M from Monmouth New Jersey

Ms. Oleson was outstanding in clearing my record. It was exceptionally easy to start the process to begin with. Filled out the required information and got a very quick response to my cases. Ms. Oleson and her staff were extremely knowledgeable , professional and courteous. I did not expect this courtesy extended to me let alone so quickly. I thought that passing information online in this process would be less than desirable. I was incorrect. My cases were attended to promptly with accuracy. I was informed and kept up to date in a timely matter. If I did have any concerns , I was able to speak to Ms. Oleson's staff promptly with no delays and have these concerns addressed immediately without hesitation. My concerns were taken care of and when I was finished speaking with Ms. Oleson's staff , I fully understood what was happening and my concerns were immediately laid to rest. Considering my case load I had laid upon Ms Oleson , all my cases were expunged within 6 months of starting the process. I had expected my cases to take much longer to go through the courts and be tangled up in red tape. Again , not so. My cases went through without delay. Considering my handy work due to more than a few violations , the fees and charges for these services were more than fair. I was unable to provide the fees required "up front ". Thanks to Ms. Oleson , Ms. Phan and Higbee & Associates I was able to be put on a payment plan that was very easy to manage. In conclusion , this has been a very pleasurable experience. Kudos to Ms. Oleson , Ms. Phan and the rest of the staff !!!

- Robert A from Jefferson Illinois

Don't waste your money anywhere else. I hired an attorney at twice the price of Recordgone.com, then I had to attend in person the court appearance, only to be rejected. I waited another year, and contacted Recordgone.com. They handled my case very professionally, starting with an easy payment plan. They kept me up to date, on what was going on. I never had to take time off from work to attend court. They handled it all. I had 4 felony counts reduced to misdemeanors and dismissed and expunged. What a relief! My only regret was that I did not contact Recordgone.com sooner. Thanks Recordgone.com. I cannot tell you how much this means to me.

- James M from Ventura California

Ill be honest I had doubts about the outcome of my case but Your office did a great job and my case was decided in the positive. I waited over 30 years for this day and my record is now clear and a huge load off my shoulders. Thank You! SW, NJ

- Sal W from Middlesex New Jersey

I am so grateful to Matthew Higbee & his employees who helped me through every step of the way through my case. This process turned out to be better then I expected because of the timely manner that my case was taken of and because of the communication. I never sent an email or placed a phone call where I wasn't taken care of immediately or within a 24 hour period of time.

- Lisa N from Clark Nevada

I can only express in so many words how happy I am to be able to begin my job search now that Higbee & Associates has cleared my record. I contacted the firm in January and by August 1st my record was expunged. The staff at Higbee are very timely in responding to emails and I know had I taken on the task of handling my case myself much more time would have elapsed. Thank you so much for your professionalism and kindness.

- Lisa N from Clark Nevada

I began this endeavor only a few months ago and already have both of my cases granted and complete! Great customer service, great payment plans. Thanks!

- Ryan H from Maricopa Arizona

I retained the services of Mr. Higbee's company to help clear my record of a dui, and all I can say is I am beyond impressed. The firm immediately went to work, and initially we were told it would be well over a year to even see a judge, they were able to get the case heard in about 6 months and were victorious on clearing my record. I was kept abreast of every step of the process as it was happening. Could NOT be happier with the representation I received.

- Robert S from Los Angeles California

I contacted Higbee & Associates (RecordGone.com) at the end of 2012. I had been charged in a domestic violence case that was ultimately dismissed. Though the case was dismissed I still did not want the case reflected on my record in the future. I searched online and came across Higbee and by far they had the most competitive price of any attorney I contacted. I was hesitant at first to hire an attorney that I would never see, but my worries were for naught. The online process was smooth and the case managers (Sabrina in particular) were great at answering any questions I had promptly. Ultimately, Higbee was successful in getting my record expunged and also conducted the Expedited Criminal Database Update process for me (which I highly recommend to anyone considering Higbee's services). Overall, I highly recommend Higbee & Associates and RecordGone.com to anyone in need of highly qualified expungement services. Thanks, Higbee!

- Malathi R from Monmouth New Jersey

I hired Higbee's law firm to clear a record, and on top of being the best price, his firm was the best lawyers I've EVER delt with! They kept me informed, and when the day came for court, (which came faster than expected) things went smooth because unlike other lawyers (who like to drag things out) Higbee was prepared, and had all the paperwork in order. And his staff are ALL top notch! Thank you Matthew Higbee for my new life!!!

- Victor G from San Diego California

Many years ago I broke the law and now had a criminal record. Despite being a law abiding citizen for many years this record still held me back from opportunities that I wanted to pursue. I luckily found out about Recordbegone.com while searching for ways to legally have my record sealed. Once I hired Higbee and team they kept me up to date during the entire process and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. I was very pleased with the work my case manager, Andy Tran. Very professional and he ensured he did what he could to keep the process moving as quickly as possible. I truly feel this firm cares to provide the best service possible. I can not be thank this firm enough for the excellent job they did with my case.

- Enrique G from Guadalupe Texas

Mr. Higbee and his team are one in a million!! I would recommend his services to anyone!! As a law abiding citizen, with a very prominent company, I had to make sure that my record was clean and Mr. Higbee did just that!! GREAT work!!

- Iriel F from Harris Texas

I am a licensed California attorney. I retained Matthew Higbee's firm to expunge my son's criminal records, and I find his firm's services to be outstanding. Everything they advertised was true. The work was prompt, professional and very reasonably priced, and the results were everything we could have asked for. Any questions I had were quickly answered by the case manager or staff attorney. So I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mr. Higbee to others.

- Marc G from Santa Barbara California

All advertisement claims are true. Professional and affordable. I've experienced a lot worse for a lot more. I had constant contact and all concerns and questions answered immediately.

- Michael I from Santa Clara California

The Firm of Higbee and Associates in my opinion is poised to becoming the number one online legal firm in the country, they're professional, prompt, courteous and good\ at what they do. I will continue to utilize their legal services for as long as they function in in the manner in which I described!!

- Colemon B from Cook Illinois

If you think your crime is too serious to be expunged guess again. My case was on the more serious side and they successfully got it dismissed. Couldn't be happier.

- Scott A from Santa Clara California

Recordgone.com was straight-forward, honest, and persistent. Despite a more difficult and lengthy case, the fee never changed. The relief I felt when my record was cleared was amazing.

- Matthew K from San Diego California

I wanted my record expunged in order to prevent the BATF from denying a firearms purchase. Although recordgone.com did everything they said they would, BATF is continuing to deny me a purchase because my arrest record shows that \"You may have been convicted of a crime of domestic violence\". My conviction occurred pre-Lautenberg, and I would never have taken the plea bargain had I known that in the future that action would remove my right to firearms ownership. The good news is that recordgone.com did exactly what they said they would, in an expeditious manner, with the highest level of professionalism, at a reasonable cost to me. Were it not for the current Administration, I feel certain that my goal of restoration of my rights would have been complete, as reliance on an arrest record alone, without proof of conviction, is tantamount to a verdict of \"Guilty on accusation\". If recordgone.com is of the opinion that they would be able to take the BATF to court and win back my rights, I would be interested in pursuing that. Wendell Edwards.

- Wendell from

Thank-you for checking. I did this to give me peace of mind which it did. I was very blessed to be working for an organization that was very supportive in all the events that led to this event. Your law firm helped me to wipe the slate clean and I do not participate in the behaviors that led me this moment in my life. So again thank-you for you help in this matter. Respectfully Sigmund Bobczynski

- sigmund from

I have had absolute success with your services! I earned my masters degree and now have a prominent job with a university. None of this would have been possible with out Higbee and Associates. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

- Carolyn from

My name is Travis Cox email travis76@sbcglobal.net. I have had your company reduce a marijuana sales phelony to a misdemeanor. Then I had my gun rights granted again. Last case number I have was 147109. My question is with all this cleared would I be eligible to apply for a government job and be able to answer no to the phelony question? This is for a lab position and they do high level security checks. Would they still be able to bring up my past records? Thanks, Travis

- Travis C from

Having my record cleared it helped me many ways. It changed my life style, it helped me getting promotion on my job. It helped me to be able to show to the public and I have been recognized by law enforcement agencies. I could stay with the high paying job that required cleared record . Thank you very much for your help

- Kham from

I made the mistake when younger to drink and drive. This caused me to have a record for DUI which made it embarrassing and more difficult for me to apply and obtain a new position due to my seniority. Once my record was expunged, I was able to apply to senior positions and feel more confident. I finally did get the job I wanted and for the past 9 years, I have never took the wheel with even a glass of wine in my body and have been very successful in my new position. Making the decision to get my record expunged was a great decision as I now feel like I have started clean and stay clean. Thank you again for all your help. I just believe that some records can be expunged but being honest, some can\'t. multiple recidivists for example should get additional help. Have a great day laurence

- Laurence from

According to the state of California my record is still visible and not gone. Yes it was expunged but it is still visible and background checks for some reason.

- Brandy from

Since I have had my record expunged, I have had no issues with being employed or feeling ashamed that a potential employer could judge me prior to learning about me as a professional. If someone were to simply look at my past record they would judge me based ONLY on that and would probably never give me a chance. I am a mother of two, whose children have depended on my being employed at an establishment who can offer medical benefits and I believe I would have been denied this type of job had I not cleared my record. I have also decided to go back to school to become a Radiographer. In order to enter the program, a background check was required. I am currently on my way to having a promising career and will soon be able to provide much more to my children than ever before. Without this opportunity, I would be stuck at a dead end job still living paycheck to paycheck, however, soon that will end thanks to the help of Higbee and Associates. I believe that if people are not given the chance to start over, they will not become the types of citizens that can actively contribute to a better society and economy and will otherwise, be stuck depending on things such as welfare and free healthcare. A second chance for many, including myself, is to be educated and have a career where I earn enough money to lift me up into the middle class and out of poverty. Poverty is the reason why so many turn to substance abuse, violence and stealing, not to mention that the children of the poverty stricken suffer the most, resulting into and endless cycle.

- Antonia from

Because of RecordGone.com, I have been able to keep my employment with an Aerospace Contractor and maintain my Secret Security Clearance. They took the time to really explore my case and ensure that my past record did not stand in my way to a successful future. Thank you RecordGone.com!

- Ronald from

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