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Arizona Expungement for Marijuana Offenses

Arizona voters passed Proposition 207 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The Smart and Safe Arizona act includes a provision to allow marijuana offenses to be expunged. Continue reading

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Arizona House Bill 2067 Improves Set Asides and Gives Certificates of Second Chance

Arizona House Bill 2067 will improve set asides and give Certificates of Second Chance. The Certificate will release the person from all barriers and disabilities in obtaining an occupational license that resulted from the conviction if they are otherwise qualified for a license. This law will go into effect on August 27, 2021. Continue reading

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A Second Chance and New Opportunity Offered to California’s Inmate Firefighters – Assembly Bill 2147

California legislature passed Assemblywoman Eloise Reye’s AB 2147, providing the opportunity for inmate fighters to petition the court for criminal record expungement relief. Continue reading

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Illinois Marijuana Expungement Through House Bill 1438

The New Year brings new laws and Illinois’ headline law change is the legalization of recreational marijuana. It is one of the few states to legalize via the state legislature rather than by direct democracy. Included in this legalization law and the focus of this article is an adjustment to how certain cannabis offenses will be expunged. Continue reading

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California Passes Expungement Law Benefiting Future Offenders

On October 8, Governor Newsome signed into law AB 1076, Assemblyman Ting’s bill to improve the expungement process for eligible criminal convictions. Continue reading

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