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California Senate Bill 384 – Sex Offender Registration Act Signed Into Law

California Senate Bill 384, known as the Sex Offender Registration Act, was signed into law on October 6th, 2017 by Governor Jerry Brown. The law will not be effective until January 1st, 2021 and we will not be accepting clients for this law until late 2020, but, once in effect, it will dramatically change how California manages its sex offender registry system. Continue reading

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California Senate Bill SB 421 Would Alter the State Sex Offender Registry

A new bill being considered in the California Legislature will adjust the way the state handles sex offender registery. Senate Bill 421, or the Sex Offender Registration Act, would introduce a tiered system to the current registry system. Current law requires sex offenders to register for life, regardless of how heinous their crime may be. The bill would change that by introducing three tiers of registration requirements. Continue reading

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Criminal Record Clearing Following an Exoneration in Texas

If you were convicted but subsequently exonerated in Texas, it may be unclear which sort of record clearing relief you are eligible for under Texas law. We shed light on the available options. Continue reading

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8 Ways an Expungement or Criminal Record Sealing Can Help You

Millions of Americans are facing challenges everyday because a criminal record from their past continues to haunt them. A prior arrest or conviction prevents former offenders from reintegrating into society, but an expungement or sealing can help these individuals have the life they desire and deserve. Expunging your criminal record can help with the challenges that you might face when trying to move forward. After your criminal record is sealed or expunged, you can put those old mistakes behind you. Continue reading

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Ban the Box: Helping Former Offenders Find Employment

Ban the Box, a campaign to end discrimination against those with criminal convictions, has been taking off across the country over the past several years. Ban the Box legislation has recently started to be enacted at the state level. Under these laws, job applications cannot include a “box” asking about criminal history. However, employers will still be able to ask about criminal history later in the screening process, either at the interview or with background checks. Continue reading

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