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New Jersey Record Expungement and Record Clearing

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New Jersey is a great place to be, unless you have a criminal record. Few states make it easier for people to view other people's criminal records. This means it can be extraordinarily difficult for anyone with a criminal record to find a job, rent quality housing, get approved for certain state licenses and even travel abroad.

We have helped solve the lingering problem of a criminal record for more than 600 people in New Jersey. You can trust us to do the same for you.

This site provides detailed information about New Jerseys criminal record clearing laws. There are several options in New Jersey and the laws can be a bit complicated. The easiest way to see if you are eligible to have your record expunged or otherwise cleared is to take the free online eligibility test. If that does not answer your questions, call us and we would love to answer any questions you may have on our New Jersey services.

The Law Firm You Want When You Need Your NJ Record Expunged

When you want to begin your New Jersey expungement or other record clearing service, we will be eager to represent you. People all over the country have trusted us with this important legal process.

They come to us because we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They come to us because we are a national law firm with more than 100 years of combined experience. They come to us because we serve all of New Jersey. They come to us because we have money back guarantees and low price guarantees. The list can go on and on.

The New Jersey Expungement Process

New Jersey expungement proceedings can be very challenging. A New Jersey expungement petition must list the details and outcome of any and all arrests or court cases you have had, in addition to other information and documents required under the NJ expungement statute. The process is even more complicated for an expungement of certain serious offenses, for which the court requires supplemental information including transcripts of the original court proceedings. Let an experienced expungement law firm prepare and argue in favor of the expungement for you to ensure it is done correctly.

After the court grants your expungement, our Expedited Record Clearance Update service clears your recently expunged NJ case from over 600 background check companies. Commercial background check companies will not automatically update their records after the judge grants your expungement. Unless you notify them that the record needs to be removed, it can remain in their database and be inaccurately reported to employers for months or even years. With our ERCU service, your records will be updated in their databases within14 days, allowing you to move forward and capitalize on future opportunities.

How to Expunge a Criminal Record

Expunging New Jersey criminal case requires filing a petition asking the judge to expunge the records relating to the arrest and court case. You file the petition in the superior court in the county where the arrest or conviction occurred. An expunged case in New Jersey is not accessible to the public and is completely removed from your criminal record.

We handle the entire process for you, including attending any scheduled hearings on your behalf. You will not need to appear in court in most cases.

Criminal Record Clearing Options Available in NJ

To see what options are available for your case and circumstances, you can take our free online eligibility test. Below you can read a short summary of the services offered to our clients in New Jersey.


New Jersey law allows for an expungement of arrests and convictions. There are waiting periods that must be met. Dismissed cases are eligible immediately, except for dismissals through a diversion program, for which there is a six-month waiting period. The other waiting periods include 2 years for municipal ordinance violations, at least 3 years for disorderly persons offenses, and at least 4 years for an indictable offense conviction. There are limits on the total number of convictions you can have, and certain offenses are not eligible, including motor vehicle code violations.

Clean Slate

Beginning in March 2020, and operating until a state managed program is put into place, individuals who exceed the number of convictions allowed for a traditional expungement may petition the court for a “clean slate” expungement. This relief will be available to those who have met a waiting period of at least 10 years. Certain offenses remain ineligible, including motor vehicle code violations.

How To Get Started

When you need to expunge your New Jersey criminal record, you should have a licensed attorney on your side. Our experienced expungement attorneys and staff are here to guide you throughout the whole process. To get started today, you can take our eligibility test and sign up online. Or call our office and we can answer any questions you may have, take all of your information over the phone and get started immediately.

Some Rave Reviews From Our Satisfied NJ Expungement Clients

"I am so happy that I found RecordGone, Ms. Thorne and my case manager Aubrey did a terrific job. I am 110% satisfied with the decision to get my record expunged. It has been a long time since I have not feared applying for jobs and knowing that I would have to pass a background check." Shelly R. - Princeton Junction, NJ

"Whooo hooo. Free at last. Thank you sooo much. You guys are amazing. This could not have been easier. If I know anyone with a criminal record I will tell them to call you. You did it. Thank you." Brian L. - Bayonne, NJ

"What in the world was I thinking in not getting this done years ago... I will always appreciate your professionalism and dedication. This has already changed my life. I know I will never need your service again, but if I did, I would not hesitate to call you. Thank you."
Michael M. - Trenton, NJ

"My case manager Sabrina was great to work with and so was my lawyer Jenna Thorne. They kept me in the loop and were quick to return calls and my email. They took the time to explain things to me so I was never in the dark. It is not easy trusting someone with something so important as expunging your record but I am glad that I trusted you. There were no disappointments." Colby L. - Somerdale, NJ

Use our free online eligibility test to find out if
you can remove your New Jersey criminal records.

Our exclusive Expedited Record Clearance Update service allows us to have the leading background check companies reflect changes to your criminal record in less than 14 days, instead of months and even years like our competitors.

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We serve every county in New Jersey, including Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Ocean and Union.

New Jersey Record Expungement And Record Clearing

“Ill be honest I had doubts about the outcome of my case but Your office did a great job and my case was decided in the positive. I waited over 30 years for this day and my record is now clear and a huge load off my shoulders. Thank You!”

- Sal from Middlesex

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  • Removes Criminal Records From 50+ Online Directories

    Get your criminal records and other personal information removed from more than 50 popular people search websites with our Background Check Removal service.

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5 I am overwhelmed with joy that I found this service, I thought that I was going to live with the albatross for the rest of my life. They made this process as easy as it possibly could be and for an incredibly affordable rate. I could not be happier.
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