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If you have been arrested and/or convicted in Oregon, we want to help you expunge your criminal record. We have helped more than 13,000 people nationwide move forward with their lives by expunging their record.

Oregon has laws that are designed to help deserving people be more productive and get more out of life. Whether the offense was as a juvenile or adult, felony or misdemeanor, or if the sentence was a fine or time in prison, Oregon offers ways for you to make it easier to find a good job.

Our website contains information that will help those with an arrest record or conviction in Oregon figure out what their options are to get the case removed from their record, end their probation early, or get their firearm rights restored. We also have an online eligibility test that will help you quickly determine how we may be able to help with your case.

When it is time to put the past behind you, we believe that we are the right law firm to do it for you. There is a long list of reasons why so many people across the country choose us to clear their criminal records or obtain other forms of post-conviction relief. We will advocate for your case, and we truly want you to receive the benefits that clearing your criminal record can bring to you.

Our law firm will make sure that your investment in expungement is maximized and that you get the most complete relief possible, including clearing your record from background check companies. We handle cases in all counties and courts in Oregon.

The Oregon Expungement Process

Expungment of a criminal record in Oregon is a legal procedure that can be complex and frustrating, especially if you want to get your record cleared fast. Small mistakes can cost a person months of delay or worse. Having the Oregon expungement attorneys at RecordGone.com represent you means that your case will be done right the first time and that you get the fastest possible results.

How to Expunge a Criminal Record

The process starts by reviewing the criminal record to confirm eligibility. Then a legal document, called a petition, is filed with the court. The petition asks the judge to order that all records relating to the case be expunged. The public cannot access or see an expunged case in Oregon, and the case is completely removed from your criminal record.

Criminal Record Clearing Options in Oregon

The best way for you to determine what options you have to clear your record in Oregon is to run through our confidential and free eligibility test. Below is information on some of the services available in Oregon.

Conviction Expungement

Oregon law allows you to expunge a conviction in many cases. Typically, you must wait three years from the date of conviction before you can petition for expungement. You also cannot have any other convictions (other than the one you are filing to expunge) within the 10 years prior to filing the petition. Additionally, you must have fulfilled all requirements of your sentence and satisfied all obligations, including any fines and restitution.

Arrest Record Expungement

Oregon law allows you to expunge an arrest record in most instances. You can file for an expungement immediately following the dismissal or acquittal. If charges were not filed in court, you have to wait one year from the date of arrest. You also cannot have been convicted within the ten years leading up to filing the petition or have another arrest (in addition to the arrest you are trying to expunge) within the three years prior to filing the expungement petition.

Firearm Rights Restoration

If you have lost your gun rights in Oregon you may be able to apply for a firearm rights restoration with the court. The law allows for those with a felony conviction or violent misdemeanor to petition for a restoration. You must reside in Oregon and a year must have passed since the discharge of your sentence. Felonies that require imposition of a mandatory minimum sentence and certain felony offenses against a person that included the use of a firearm or deadly weapon are not eligible.

Felony Reduction

Some felony convictions in Oregon are eligible to be reduced to a misdemeanor. Only certain types of cases are eligible, they include: Class C felonies, Class B felonies for unlawful possession of marijuana or unlawful delivery of marijuana, and Class A felonies for unlawful racketeering activity. You must have successfully completed probation. Additionally convictions prior to 11/1/1989 which were punishable by either a felony or misdemeanor may be eligible for a reduction.

Probation Termination

If you are currently serving a probationary sentence, you can petition the court to terminate probation early under Oregon Revised Statutes Section 137.545. A judge can grant probation termination at any time if he or she believes that you are rehabilitated and the purposes of probation are no longer being served.

How To Get Started

Whether you want to sign up for an expungement, a reduction, probation termination or a restoration of your firearm rights in Oregon, we make it as convenient as possible for you to start the process. The fastest way is for you to take the online eligibility test and sign up online at the conclusion of the test. You can also sign up with us over the phone or in any of our more than 20 offices across the nation. We offer monthly, interest-free payment plans. As soon as you make the first payment, we assign one of our Oregon attorneys to your case.

Our Oregon attorneys and case managers have successfully expunged or sealed thousands of criminal records for our clients.

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Our exclusive Expedited Record Clearance Update service allows us to have the leading background check companies reflect changes to your criminal record in less than 14 days, instead of months and even years like our competitors.

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