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Expungement and Record Sealing in Ohio

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Is a conviction or an arrest in Ohio causing difficulty for you or someone you care about? We would love to help. Ohio law provides a wide array of remedies for those looking to put their criminal past behind them and expand their employment potential. RecordGone.com offers adult record sealing of arrests and convictions, firearm rights restoration, and juvenile record sealing and juvenile expungement. To seal a conviction in Ohio, you must have not more than one felony conviction, not more than two misdemeanor convictions, or not more than one felony conviction and one misdemeanor conviction.

Trust that we will get you get the maximum amount of relief in the fastest time possible. To find out what type of record clearing you are eligible for, take our free online eligibility test. Our firm has sealed or expunged more than 19,000 criminal records nationwide, and we have the experience and knowledge to handle your sealing or expungement case in Ohio. We also serve all Ohio counties and courts. We have a low price guarantee, and we have received an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The Record Sealing and Expungement Process in Ohio

Ohio record sealing cases can be complicated or challenging. Hiring a law firm with experience handling record sealing and expungement proceedings means that that you can relax knowing that your case is being handled for you and will be completed as quickly as possible. Even small mistakes in the filing of a sealing petition could result in the process having to start over from the beginning. You do not want your new start with a clean record to be delayed because of a simple mistake that could have been easily avoided.

Our firm also goes further than just completing the process through the Ohio court system. We offer an exclusive service, our Expedited Record Clearance Update, which can help remove or update your record with more than 600 private background check companies. These commercial level background check providers do not automatically update their records once the judge grants your case, but with our Expedited Record Clearance Update service they will update their records within 14 days of your case being cleared by the court.

What Services Are Available in Ohio to Clear Your Record?

Ohio law provides options for you to clear both adult and juvenile cases. Additionally, if you have lost rights as a result of a criminal conviction, you may be able to restore them. You can take our confidential online evaluation to see what you are eligible for under Ohio law. Below is a brief summary on our Ohio services:

Adult Record Sealing

Ohio allows you to seal records of both adult arrests and convictions. If you were arrested but charges were dismissed, you can seal the case immediately. You can have any number of arrests, misdemeanor convictions, ore felony class 5 or 5 convictions sealed. To seal a more serious conviction, you can only have a limited number of convictions on your record. The court must find you have been rehabilitated. Certain offenses are not eligible and there is a one-year waiting period for misdemeanors and class 4 or 5 felonies, and a three-year waiting period for felonies.

Firearm Rights Restoration

If you are currently residing in Ohio and are prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm, you may be able to restore your gun rights. In order to petition the court for this relief, you must have been discharged from parole or community supervision. The court will evaluate your case to see if you have been law-abiding since your release and if the judge believes you will remain law-abiding.

Juvenile Sealing

The law in Ohio allows for juvenile records to be sealed. Many juvenile records should be sealed automatically, such as dismissed charges; however, if they have not been sealed you can petition for the court to seal these records. If you were adjudicated delinquent, you can also petition to have records of your case sealed. You must wait six months from the termination of your case or your discharge from supervision. You must no longer be under the jurisdiction of the court. The court will also consider other factors, such as your age, nature of the case, employment and education history, and whether you have been law-abiding.

Juvenile Expungement

In Ohio juvenile records should be expunged five years after the court seals the records or when the person turns 23 years old, whichever date comes first. However, if the records were not expunged automatically or if you want it done sooner, then you can apply to the court to have your juvenile records expunged. When you petition for expungement, the judge will look at several factors to see if you have been satisfactorily rehabilitated. The factors include whether you have been law-abiding, your age, your educational and employment history, and the specifics (such as the seriousness of the offense) of the original case.

How to Get Started on your Ohio Record Sealing or Expungement

If you would like to clear your Ohio criminal record or restore your firearm rights, you can get the process started immediately. The quickest way to sign up is online. Please take our eligibility test and you will be given the opportunity to sign up at the conclusion of the test. You can also sign up with us over the phone. We provide a free consultation over the phone and can discuss your eligibility and any questions you may have.

Once you sign up, we immediately begin working on your case and assign a case manager and one of our expert Ohio attorneys. We offer interest-free payment plans for our services, and we start working with the first payment. We would love to have the chance to help you get the fresh start you deserve by clearing your Ohio criminal record. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Our exclusive Expedited Record Clearance Update service allows us to have the leading background check companies reflect changes to your criminal record in less than 14 days, instead of months and even years like our competitors.

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Serving All of Ohio

We serve every county in Ohio, including Butler, Clark, Clermont, Cuyahoga, Delaware, Franklin, Greene, Hamilton, Lucas, Mahoning, Montgomery, Richland, Stark, Summit and Wood.

“I was hesitant at first to hire an attorney that I would never see, but my worries were for naught. The online process was smooth and the case managers were great at answering questions I had promptly. Higbee was successful in getting my record expunged and also conducted the ERCU process for me (which I highly recommend).”

- Malathi from Monmouth

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5 I am overwhelmed with joy that I found this service, I thought that I was going to live with the albatross for the rest of my life. They made this process as easy as it possibly could be and for an incredibly affordable rate. I could not be happier.
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