Recordgone Announces New California Direct Pardon Service

We are proud to announce that we are now offering a California Pardon service. California offers two routes for receiving a gubernatorial pardon: the Certificate of Rehabilitation and the Direct Pardon. The Certificate of Rehabilitation, if granted, automatically generates an application for a pardon from the governor. For those the who do not qualify for the Certificate of Rehabilitation, they may apply for the Direct Pardon. Continue reading

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California Senate Bill SB 421 Would Alter the State Sex Offender Registry

A new bill being considered in the California Legislature will adjust the way the state handles sex offender registery. Senate Bill 421, or the Sex Offender Registration Act, would introduce a tiered system to the current registry system. Current law requires sex offenders to register for life, regardless of how heinous their crime may be. The bill would change that by introducing three tiers of registration requirements. Continue reading

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Penal Code §1473.7 Offers New Immigration Options for Immigrants With Criminal Records

On Sept. 28, 2016, Penal Code §1473.7 was signed into law, which creates a new motion to vacate or modify a criminal conviction or sentence. This new law allows a wide range of immigration possibilities for those who were previously ineligible and deportable based on a criminal conviction. Continue reading

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Nevada Record Sealing Law Change – More People Eligible and Shorter Waiting Periods

Updates to Nevada record sealing law will make more people eligible to seal their records and shortens the waiting periods. Find out everything you need to know about this change. Continue reading

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New Utah Law Greatly Expands Expungement Eligibility and Benefits

A new law has just passed which greatly expands expungement eligibility in Utah. The new law, also called S.B. 12, goes into effect on May 8, 2017 (60 days after the Legislature adjourned). Read more to find out who will be eligible under the new law change. Continue reading

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