Court Expands Eligibility for Certificates of Rehabilitation and PC 290 Registration Termination

CA law change expands the eligibility for a Certificate of Rehabilitation o a specific group of sex offenders. Prior offenders that were convicted of Penal Code section 288(a) are now eligible to apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, which can terminate the lifetime registration requirement.
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Indiana Appeals Court: Trial Judges Have No Discretion in Certain Expungements

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled today that judges do not have discretion to deny a valid petition for expungement of a low-level felony or misdemeanor conviction. The appellate court held that the use of the word “shall” from Indiana’s 2013 expungement law change prevents judges from exercising discretion in deciding these expungement requests. Continue reading

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Minnesota House Passes Expungement Bill HF 2576

he Minnesota House of Representatives passed a bill last week that will significantly improve the expungement law in Minnesota. The major changes include expanding the eligibility for a statutory expungement to some misdemeanor and felony convictions. Additionally the bill adds an explicit provision that requires background check companies to promptly remove the record of a case once they know it has been expunged. Continue reading

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California Appellate Court Upholds Expungement of Attempted Sex Offense recently defended an appeal of a granted California expungement, and the Court of Appeal has unanimously affirmed the order granting the expungement motion. The case involved whether a conviction for an attempted violation of section 288(a) could be expunged under California Penal Code section 1203.4. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania State Senator Announces Bills to Reform Marijuana Expungement Laws

Two new Pennsylvania bills are set to reform marijuana expungement laws. Both bills would have a significant, positive effect on the number of people eligible for an expungement in Pennsylvania. Currently, summary offenses are one of the few types of convictions that are eligible to be expunged. Continue reading

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