New Jersey “The Opportunity to Compete Act” Will Help Former Offenders Find Employment

On March 1, 2015, New Jersey will implement a new act called “The Opportunity to Compete Act.” This law provides that employers will not be able to investigate a job applicant’s criminal background until after a conditional offer of employment has been extended to the applicant. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Senate Passes SB 166 – A New Expungement Bill

On February 23, the Pennsylvania State Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 166, which if enacted would improve the expungement law in Pennsylvania and provide former offenders a much needed second chance. SB 166 would expand the law to allow the expungement of some misdemeanor convictions in Pennsylvania after the former offender satisfies a waiting period. This bill would help many people who committed low-level misdemeanor offenses in Pennsylvania move past their prior mistakes. Continue reading

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California Supreme Court Makes Substantial Changes to Sex Offender Registration Law

In the face of numerous appeals cases, the California Supreme Court has decided to take a stand on sex offender registration. The law is now much more strict and some people who received relief from the registration requirement may have to register once again. Continue reading

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Michigan House Bill 4186: New Michigan Expungement Law Passed

Michigan House Bill 4186 has changed expungement law in Michigan to make a wider range of offenses eligible for expungement. Read more to find out if you are eligible. Continue reading

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Proposition 47 Passed in California: Common Offenses Reduced to Misdemeanors

California’s Proposition 47 was passed and will reduce many nonviolent felonies &amp wobblers to misdemeanors. Find out if your offense is eligible. Continue reading

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