Appellate Court: New York Sealing Law Applies to Drug Cases Occurring Prior to 2009

NY appeals court reversed a lower court’s decision and ruled to seal our defendants record because it occurred prior to the passage of CPL § 160.58. Continue reading

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Criminal Record Clearing Following an Exoneration in Texas

If you were convicted but subsequently exonerated in Texas, it may be unclear which sort of record clearing relief you are eligible for under Texas law. We shed light on the available options. Continue reading

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Minnesota Governor Signs Second Chance Expungement Law

The Second Chance Expungement Law, which greatly improves the expungement law in Minnesota, was signed by Governor Mark Dayton on Wednesday. The new law, HF 2576, expands eligibility for a statutory expungement to those convicted of some misdemeanors and felonies. Continue reading

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Expungement Law Expanding Nationwide – More Protection for Former Offenders

Legislatures across the country are increasingly concerned about irrational discrimination in the housing and job market that is based on old criminal records. There were more than 20 new expungement laws that either created or expanded the ability to expunge records in the past 3 years. Continue reading

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Court Expands Eligibility for Certificates of Rehabilitation and PC 290 Registration Termination

CA law change expands the eligibility for a Certificate of Rehabilitation o a specific group of sex offenders. Prior offenders that were convicted of Penal Code section 288(a) are now eligible to apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation, which can terminate the lifetime registration requirement.
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