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Expungement Law Expanding Nationwide – More Protection for Former Offenders

Legislatures across the country are increasingly concerned about irrational discrimination in the housing and job market that is based on old criminal records. There were more than 20 new expungement laws that either created or expanded the ability to expunge records in the past 3 years. Continue reading

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Court Ruling Allows Opportunity for Individuals Convicted of 288(a) To Terminate 290 Registration

A recent decision by a California appellate court has created an extraordinary opportunity for those convicted of violating Penal Code section 288(a) to terminate their requirement to register pursuant to Penal Code section 290. While it is unknown how long this opportunity will last, the ruling is welcome news for those whose lives are negatively impacted by the registration requirement imposed on 288(a) offenders in 1997. Continue reading

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U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Gun Ban Case

The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear a case that will define the scope of the Lautenberg Amendment, a federal law that prohibits individuals convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence from possessing a firearm. Federal law makes it a crime for any person convicted of a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” to possess a firearm. The phrase “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” is defined to include any federal, state, or tribal misdemeanor offense, committed by a person with a specified domestic relationship to the victim, that “has, as an element, the use or attempted use of physical force, or the threatened use of a deadly weapon.”
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Record Gone, a DBA of the Law Firm of Higbee and Associates, has expanded to Ohio and now offers record clearing services in Ohio. These services include expungement, sealing, firearm rights restoration, sex registration termination, and juvenile record clearing. The … Continue reading

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LexisNexis Background Check Data Now Updated With ECDU Service’s industry leading expedited criminal database update (ECDU) service just got better by adding LexisNexis to the list of companies that get notified about recently expunged or sealed criminal records.   The expedited criminal database update service gets background check companies … Continue reading

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