New Jersey Criminal Records Now Online


A new online searchable database is now available on the Judiciary’s website and will allow anyone with access to the Internet to seek information on criminal convictions in any New Jersey Superior Court.

A searchable database of criminal convictions enables any user to search criminal case information by name or docket number, both felony and misdemeanor cases. Each public record contains information regarding the criminal charge, the filing date, status, and the disposition of each case.

Criminal Conviction Public Access system Allows Public Access

The Criminal Conviction Public Access system now conveniently provides public access to statewide criminal docket information for all cases filed after 1994. Previously, searching for court records from public access terminals was a tedious multi-step process. Now any user is able to obtain criminal case information on any criminal case statewide on any computer.

The new online database is part of a comprehensive plan to make court information and records available to the public, according to Judge Glenn A. Grant, who stated in a press release: “We are continuing to leverage our existing resources to provide more access, transparency, and more convenience to the public.” 1

The only cases that cannot be found through the new system are cases that have not been resolved and expunged cases. For more information on how to clear your New Jersey Criminal Records, visit and take a free online eligibility test.


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