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What Does the New California Domestic Violence Firearm Law, PC § 29805, Actually Do?

As of January 01, 2019, California Assembly Bill No. 3129 is in effect. The bill was enacted to modify CA Penal Code § 29805. The new law prohibits firearm possession by those that have committed misdemeanor domestic battery with injury (Penal Code §273.5) for life. A violation of the new domestic violence lifetime ban means the person may be charged with additional offenses for violating the ban as either an additional misdemeanor or even a felony. Continue reading

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Governor Jay Inslee To Grant Pardons For Misdemeanor Pot Convictions

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State has announced that he will be offering pardons to anyone with a single misdemeanor conviction for possession of marijuana in the State of Washington. Continue reading

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Governor Brown Signs California Law Improving Pardon and Certificate of Rehabilitation Procedures

California Governor Brown signed into law AB 2845, which will improve the process and benefits of the California Pardon and Certificate of Rehabilitation. There has never been a better time to get a pardon or Certificate of Rehabilitation in California. Continue reading

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California Makes A Big Impact With Small Change to Section 17(b)

California Assembly Bill 1941 is set to go into effect on January 1st, 2019. The change makes more people eligible to seek a reduction of their felony conviction to a misdemeanor conviction. Continue reading

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Exciting New Update to Ohio Record Sealing Law – Ohio Senate Bill 66

An Ohio record sealing law, Ohio Senate Bill 66, increases the number of convictions an individual may have on their record and remain eligible to have their cases sealed. Find out if you are eligible to take advantage of this new law. Continue reading

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