Expungement Services Now Available in Oregon

RecordGone.com, a division of the Law Firm of Higbee and Associates, is now offering record clearing services in Oregon. The services available in Oregon will include Oregon conviction expungement, juvenile case expungement, firearm rights restoration, probation termination, felony reduction, and termination of sex offender registration.

RecordGone.com now offers expungement and other legal services in seventeen states. Our law firm has cleared over 12,000 cases, and we pride ourselves on helping people move forward with their lives. Additionally, the firm has earned an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How an Oregon Expungement Can Help You

Oregon law allows some individuals with a criminal history to have their records cleared. This relief in Oregon is known as a “set aside” or an “expungement.” If you are eligible for an expungement, and you successfully expunge your arrest or conviction, you may truthfully state on a job application that you have never been arrested or convicted of that crime. Charges that may be expunged include most violations, misdemeanors, Class C felonies, and those felonies that may be treated as misdemeanors.

In order to be eligible to expunge the arrest or conviction, a waiting period must be satisfied and there must be no pending charges. Additionally, most Class A and Class B felony convictions are not eligible to be expunged. However, there are specific higher-level offenses that are eligible for an expungement, such as a Class A felony conviction for marijuana possession. You also cannot expunge traffic violations (such as speeding) or traffic crimes (such as DUI).

If you have a criminal record in Oregon, please take our free online eligibility test to determine if your case is eligible. You can also view information, pricing, and frequently asked questions regarding the services at http://www.recordgone.com/oregon-expungement/.

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  1. Neil B. F. says:

    I am happy to hear and see that at least 17 states are allowing persons to get a second chance to get on with their lives. With all the overzealous arrests and convictions throughout the last 25 years there needs to be far more then 17 states allowing expungements.

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