Is Updating Our Eligibility Test With New Indiana Expungement Law

Effective July 1, 2013, Indiana had a major change in their expungement law that allows for substantially increased relief, and makes more people eligible to clear their criminal records.

This much-needed change in law will allow misdemeanors and felonies to be expunged from an individual’s criminal history, as long as they meet certain requirements.  Some of these requirements include: the person cannot be a registered violent offender or a sex offender; they must meet the required waiting period to become eligible; they must not be convicted of a new crime during that required waiting period; and they must not be convicted of certain offenses specified within the new law.

Why Take The Test?

Since the changes allow for a greater amount of relief for those with a criminal history in Indiana, and more than eighty percent of employers are conducting background checks, expungement is a great investment in your future.

 The Law Firm of Higbee and Associates and have updated their free and confidential online eligibility test to reflect this change in law.  Please visit or call 877-573-7273 to see if you are now eligible to clear your criminal record or have your rights restored under Indiana’s new law change.

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2 Responses to Is Updating Our Eligibility Test With New Indiana Expungement Law

  1. Phillip R. C. says:

    I was 15 years old and was tried in criminal court . in 1961 we took money from a drunk no harm to any one I was given 1 to 10 years in indiana reformatory. I served 2 years and after indeed car parts so three of us broke into gas station. I am 67 years old and have not done anything in 50 years.

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hello Phillip, I’d recommend you run through our online eligibility test to determine if your cases would be eligible for expungement.
      Additionally, if you are unsure as to exactly what is on your record, we can get started on case research for $200. Once we have your records, the $200 would apply to any service for which you are eligible. You can reach us at (877)-573-7273 to discuss this further or to get started on case research.

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