New Ohio Expungement Law Broadens Number Of Offenses That May Be Expunged

On September 28, 2012, a new Ohio state law began providing a second chance to those with a criminal history. In Ohio, even a minor conviction can hold one back from obtaining employment, housing, and other important opportunities. This new law could provide the keys to previously locked doors of opportunity.

Changes made by the New Ohio Expungement Law

The law allows for a person to expunge up to two convictions from their criminal record. One can expunge either two misdemeanor convictions, or one misdemeanor conviction and one felony conviction. Previously, Ohio law only allowed for the expungement of one conviction. The new law only broadens the number of offenses that may be expunged. Sex offenses and other violent offenses are not eligible, and no one may expunge a repeat offense.

If you are Ineligible for Expungement in Ohio

In addition, those who are ineligible for Ohio expungement may apply for a certificate of qualification for employment. To receive such a certificate, one must prove that he or she has been rehabilitated to probation officers and a judge. The certificate allows those with convictions on their records to obtain employment without the fear that their conviction will disqualify them from being eligible. The certificate also provides security against legal action for employing an individual with a criminal record.

The Reason for the New Law

The intent of the new law is to allow those that have undergone rehabilitation since their offense to start fresh and move forward with their lives. It removes the hurdles that one must overcome to obtain employment and housing, and rewards those that have truly become rehabilitated. The new law will allow such individuals to move forward and live positive and productive lifestyles.

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