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Recordgone Now Offers Missouri Expungement Services is excited to announce that we are starting expungement services in Missouri! Taking advantage of a recent law change expanding expungement eligibility in Missouri, Recordgone looks forward to offering its expungement relief experience to new clients now eligible to open up their lives to greater opportunities. Continue reading

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Attorney Mathew Higbee Wins Legal Battle for Second Amendment Rights in Chicago

After one of our client’s cases was denied under the administrative appeals law for filing several years after a denial of a firearm application, we decided to fight back. We went to the higher court in Chicago and appealed the case against the Cook County State’s Attorney and the Illinois State Police. The Appellate Court was convinced by our arguments and reversed the prior gun rights denial, holding that the administrative appeals law does not restrict firearm rights restoration petitions made in Illinois courts. Continue reading

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California Expands Felony Expungement Eligibility with AB 1115

California has passed into law AB 1115, a bill expanding eligibility for felony expungements to those who received a felony conviction before felony realignment sentencing provisions went into effect in 2011 via AB 109. Continue reading

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Nevada Supreme Court Greenlights New Sex Offender Law

Under the new law, the Nevada Sex Offender registration tiers will change. Tier 0 will go away completely, meaning if you are currently a Tier 0 registrant, you will be reclassified into Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III depending on your charge. Continue reading

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Unique State Service Aims to Solve Complex Criminal Record Problem in Ohio

People who have had their criminal record sealed by Ohio courts may have an easier time finding jobs thanks to a recently implemented state program. Continue reading

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