Launching Colorado Expungement and Record Sealing Services, a division of the Law Firm of Higbee & Associates, is proud to announce the launch of expungement and record sealing services to the State of Colorado. With the addition of Colorado, RecordGone now can assist people with expungement services in seventeen states. We are excited to be adding Colorado to our list of states. At this time, we will be offering three services in the State of Colorado: Conviction Record Sealing, Dismissed Case Sealing, and Juvenile Record Sealing.

If you have a criminal record in Colorado, you are typically required to disclose the record when applying to jobs or schools. Sealing a record can significantly increase your chances of attaining higher paying jobs and being admitted into better quality schools. The process to seal a record can be difficult and time consuming, but we want to help you. We will gather relevant documents, file all necessary paperwork, represent you at the hearing, and notify all relevant agencies if your petition for sealing is granted.

Are You Eligible For Conviction Record Sealing?

If you are an adult with a conviction record, you can petition to have your records sealed. Only certain conviction records can be sealed, and we can help you figure out which ones. In order to qualify to have your criminal records sealed, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Generally, 10 or more years must have passed from the final disposition of all criminal proceedings against you or from your final release from supervision.
  2. You must not have been convicted of another offense within the 10 year period.
  3. Offenses related to controlled substances, human trafficking, or theft of public transportation services may also be eligible for sealing.

You may not seal a record if you still owe restitution, fines, court costs, late fees, or other fees to the court that are related to the cases you are asking to be sealed. Because record sealing is complex we have a free online eligibility test to help you determine if you are eligible.

Are You Eligible For Dismissed Case Sealing?

Colorado also allows you to seal records for dismissed cases. The sealing process is very similar to the process for sealing a conviction cases. The following are conditions that may make you eligible for sealing of a dismissed case:

  1. All charges were dismissed or you were acquitted of all charges. This includes cases where you have completed a deferred sentence or a deferred prosecution;
  2. There is only an arrest record, no charges were filed, and the statute of limitations has expired;
  3. A case was dismissed due to a plea agreement in another case and more than 10 years have passed since the case was concluded and no additional criminal charges were filed.

Sealing a dismissed case generally includes complicated waiting periods. We can help you determine if your Colorado dismissed case is eligible for sealing today.

Do You Have a Juvenile Record That Can Be Sealed?

If you have a Colorado juvenile record, you may also be eligible to have your case sealed. There are certain requirements that must be met and our online test can walk you through your eligibility. You may eligible to seal a juvenile record if:

  1. You are found not guilty at trial.
  2. After one year, no further action was taken, or completed a juvenile diversion program.
  3. After four years, the court has terminated jurisdiction, you were released from the department of human services or unconditionally released from parole supervision.

How To Get Started

We are here to assist with your adult conviction, dismissed case, or juvenile record sealing. We can help alleviate the stress of sealing a record on your own. This can open up many opportunities for you. Don’t let your record hold you back from reaching your goals, contact us today at 877-573-7273 or take our free online eligibility test.

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