New Eligibility Requirements for Juvenile Record Sealing in Michigan

On December 28, 2012, Michigan Public Act 527 went into effect and amended the eligibility requirements for juvenile record sealing.
The previous law only allowed for a single juvenile offense to be sealed after an individual reached the age of twenty-four.

The new law allows a person to seal their juvenile adjudications as long as they have no more than three offenses that would not have been considered a felony if the same offense was committed by an adult. A person becomes eligible for sealing either one year after the imposition of disposition, one year after completion of detention for the adjudication, or once a person becomes eighteen years old, whichever date comes latest.

Multiple adjudications for offenses that occurred within a twelve hour span of time and were motivated by a single intent may be considered a single adjudication for the purposes of sealing.

The law does not allow for the sealing of traffic offenses or any offense that would carry a life sentence as an adult.

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