New expungement laws in Utah

On March 29th, 2010 Governor Gary Herbert signed into law House Bill 21 which includes the Utah Expungement Act, a complete overhaul of existing expungement law in Utah.   This new law will make it much easier for deserving people to remove their criminal records.   Mathew Higbee, the founding attorney of was featured on the KSL Radio and News to discuss the new expungement law. He answered expungement questions about the new law from listeners and the radio hosts. Our online eligibility test can help you determine if you qualify under the new law.

Under the new law many more people will be able to finally move on and have their past expunged.   This law specifically improved upon some parts of  the existing expungement law.  One of them being able to start the process before all the fines are paid off, although you will need to completely pay off your fines before an expungement will be granted.   Also the courts now have the ability to treat multiple offenses as one for expungement purposes.

Make sure to take our free expungement eligibility test to see if you qualify to remove your criminal record under the new law.

KSL broadcasts from Salt Lake City, Utah.

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