National Database Removal

We have partnered up with to provide people who have had their criminal records expunged, sealed, or set aside to easily expedite the removal of these records from public databases. Not only does our service remove your criminal records from over 400 public and private databases, we also provide a $250 credit towards any law suit that you wish to take against an employer who wrongfully discriminates against you or a background check company that unlawfully distributes your outdated criminal records.

To purchase this service please go to this page: Removal of Criminal Records from Public Databases

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2 Responses to National Database Removal

  1. Linda N. says:

    This website, keeps reading my name and addresses over and over. Why can’t they leave me alone?

    How do I get them to stop, I have written and emailed them, them over and over…………….to stop and it still persists!

    • Jenna Thorne says:

      Hello Linda, if you are having a problem with LexisNexis reporting inaccurate information, please contact our office at (877) 573-7273. LexisNexis is now included in our ECDU service and we can update their records to accurately reflect your record. If you need additional help, please clarify what they are reporting on you and to whom.

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