California Appellate Court Upholds Expungement of Attempted Sex Offense recently defended an appeal of a granted California expungement, and the Court of Appeal has unanimously affirmed the order granting the expungement motion. The case involved whether a conviction for an attempted violation of section 288(a) could be expunged under California Penal Code section 1203.4. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania State Senator Announces Bills to Reform Marijuana Expungement Laws

Two new Pennsylvania bills are set to reform marijuana expungement laws. Both bills would have a significant, positive effect on the number of people eligible for an expungement in Pennsylvania. Currently, summary offenses are one of the few types of convictions that are eligible to be expunged. Continue reading

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New York Chief Judge to Propose New Expungement Law

Across the country, more states are starting to consider and introduce expungement laws. Currently, New York has one of the most restrictive expungement and record sealing laws in the country. However, many in New York have been working to make get a bill passed that would help former offenders move past their conviction. Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman is introducing an expungement bill that is greatly needed in New York. Continue reading

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Indiana Bill Seeks to Improve Current Expungement Law

Last year Indiana passed an expungement law, known as the Second Chance Law, which permits expungement of certain convictions. The Second Chance Law was welcome news for former offenders in Indiana, but it is also a very complex law and several problems have arisen in the past several months. HB 1155 will cure several issues that have arisen under the expungement law. Continue reading

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Expungement Services Now Available in Oregon

The services available in Oregon will include conviction expungement, dismissed case expungement, juvenile case expungement, firearm rights restoration, probation termination, felony reduction, and termination of sex offender registration. Oregon law allows some individuals with a criminal history to have their records cleared. This relief in Oregon is known as a “set aside” or an “expungement.” Continue reading

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