Governor Brown Signs Forward Thinking Marijuana Expungement Law

California Assembly Bill 1793 is a follow up to the voter passed Proposition 64 and further improves California marijuana expungement laws. Continue reading

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Florida SB 118 to Administratively Seal Certain Criminal Records and Provide Avenue for Removing Online Mugshots

Florida SB 118 creates a method to administratively seal certain criminal records held by the Criminal Justice Information Program of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), and it provides a process for arrestees to remove mugshots from online websites. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Clean Slate Act Expands Misdemeanor Record Sealing Options

People with Pennsylvania misdemeanor convictions, dismissed cases, or summary offenses now have a greater chance of having their records sealed either automatically or via petition. Continue reading

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Nevada Supreme Court Greenlights New Sex Offender Law

Under the new law, the Nevada Sex Offender registration tiers will change. Tier 0 will go away completely, meaning if you are currently a Tier 0 registrant, you will be reclassified into Tier I, Tier II, or Tier III depending on your charge. Continue reading

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Unique State Service Aims to Solve Complex Criminal Record Problem in Ohio

People who have had their criminal record sealed by Ohio courts may have an easier time finding jobs thanks to a recently implemented state program. Continue reading

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