Missouri Senate Bill Improves Expungement Law

Missouri Senate Bill 1 has been signed into law and will allow four additional offenses to be expunged under Missouri’s expungement statute that were not eligible for expungement previously. Continue reading

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Nevada Marijuana Decriminalization and Voting Rights for Felons Law Changes

On July 1, 2019, Nevada streamlined the process for decriminalized offenses to be sealed from a person’s record. Additionally, come January 1, 2020, employers can no longer discriminate against a user of the now legal substance. Finally, as of July 1, 2019 many of those convicted of felonies will have their voting rights automatically restored and some may not see them be restricted at all. Continue reading

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Colorado Expands Record Sealing Law through HB 19-1275

On August 2nd, 2019, a new law will go into effect that will expand the availability of criminal record sealing relief for scores of previously ineligible Colorodans. Colorado is seeking to allow more people the opportunity to rejoin society and the workforce without carrying the stigma of a past conviction. Continue reading

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Recordgone Now Offers Missouri Expungement Services

Recordgone.com is excited to announce that we are starting expungement services in Missouri! Taking advantage of a recent law change expanding expungement eligibility in Missouri, Recordgone looks forward to offering its expungement relief experience to new clients now eligible to open up their lives to greater opportunities. Continue reading

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Utah Becomes the Second State with Automatic Expungement

The State of Utah has followed in Pennsylvania’s footsteps and approved a bill to automate expungement for certain low level offenses. The law is aimed at helping reformed offenders return to society without the heavy stigma a criminal record create. Continue reading

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