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Penal Code §1473.7 Offers New Immigration Options for Immigrants With Criminal Records

On Sept. 28, 2016, Penal Code §1473.7 was signed into law, which creates a new motion to vacate or modify a criminal conviction or sentence. This new law allows a wide range of immigration possibilities for those who were previously ineligible and deportable based on a criminal conviction. Continue reading

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New Utah Law Greatly Expands Expungement Eligibility and Benefits

A new law has just passed which greatly expands expungement eligibility in Utah. The new law, also called S.B. 12, goes into effect on May 8, 2017 (60 days after the Legislature adjourned). Read more to find out who will be eligible under the new law change. Continue reading

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New York Record Sealing Law Passed

The New York State Legislature recently passed a new law, Criminal Procedure Law § 160.59, that will give many more people with New York convictions an opportunity to have their previous convictions sealed or expunged. It will help many rehabilitated, law-abiding individuals in the community clean up negative blemishes on their records, which often prevents them from access to employment, housing, credit and other positive opportunities in life years after they have long completed their sentences and paid their dues for past wrongdoing. Continue reading

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Minnesota Legislature Looking to Improve Expungement Law

There is a group of Minnesota House Members and Senators that have come together to form the Expungement Working Group. On Tuesday, they had their third meeting in three months, and at this meeting lawmakers heard public testimony on the current issues surrounding expungement law. Much of the testimony focused on the effect a criminal record has on a prior offender’s ability to secure employment and the changes that must be made to the expungement law to remedy this problem. The current law only expunges the judicial records. Continue reading

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