Illinois Supreme Court Case Evans v Cook County State’s Attorney Decision Spells Relief for those Awaiting to Restore their Firearm Rights

The Illinois Supreme Court recently reached a decision in Evans v Cook County State’s Attorney, holding that the Illinois state firearm restoration process, underlined in Section 10(c) of the Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) Act, is capable of restoring a petitioner’s firearm rights under both state and federal law. Continue reading

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Michigan Now Provides One-Time DWI Offenders a Chance at a Clean Record

Following the recent sweeping expansion in eligibility for post conviction relief in Michigan, legislation that would make most first-time drunk driving convictions eligible for expungement received a final approval from Michigan lawmakers. The legislation will benefit more than 200,000 people in the state of Michigan who are carrying a criminal record Continue reading

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Missouri Shortens Waiting Periods and Restores Firearm Rights with New Expungement Legislation

New Missouri legislative changes effective August 28, 2021, shorten the required waiting period to file for an expungement. It also shortens waiting periods and expands the power of expungement to fully restore firearm rights as well as restoring other civil rights. Continue reading

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Arizona Expungement for Marijuana Offenses

Arizona voters passed Proposition 207 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. The Smart and Safe Arizona act includes a provision to allow marijuana offenses to be expunged. Continue reading

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Arizona House Bill 2067 Improves Set Asides and Gives Certificates of Second Chance

Arizona House Bill 2067 will improve set asides and give Certificates of Second Chance. The Certificate will release the person from all barriers and disabilities in obtaining an occupational license that resulted from the conviction if they are otherwise qualified for a license. This law will go into effect on August 27, 2021. Continue reading

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