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Topic: Pennsylvania Gun and Firearm Rights Restoration FAQ
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9th April 2015 8:37am
I had 2 DUIs resulting in a M1. PA law says 3 or more within 5 years is disabling for firearms. I only had 2, but under that it says were you ever convicted of a crime of which you could have served more than 2 years in jail. I am pretty sure an M1 is 5 years max.  I didnt get any jail time. So basically under state law I'm not prohibited, but I am under federal law? Can someone please help me!
Yes, unfortunately you have correctly summarized the PA and federal law on the subject of DUIs and M1 convictions.  Under the federal law, a Misdemeanor 1, because it is punished by a maximum of 5 years regardless of the actual sentence imposed, it is treated like a felony for the federal firearm law.  Therefore if one or both of your DUIs was graded as an M1 you are banned from possessing a firearm under the federal law.  At this time, a PA restoration does not lift the federal ban if granted.  The only option currently available to lift the federal ban resulting from a PA conviction is to seek a pardon in Pennsylvania for those disabling convictions.
3rd January 2015 12:31am
My roommate filled out an application to buy a firearm. He misread one of the questions on the application and now they want to charge him with a felony. He was convicted of a misdemeanor over ten years ago. When he was a juvenile he held a knife to his step father in self defense. Can you please tell me what his option may be?
Please call us toll free to discuss specifics of the case at 877-573-7273.   You can also have your friend to take the free online expungement eligibility test.
31st October 2014 2:31pm
I'm 43 years old. When I was 19, I was convicted of a prohibited weapons misdemeanor 1, possession without a permit, and a DUI misdemeanor 2. I have not been in trouble in 23 years. Can I ever purchase guns again?
Jenna Thorne
26th November 2014 8:51pm
Unfortunately, the federal felon firearm ban applies to If you were convicted of an M1 in PA. This is because the maximum penalty for an M1 is 5 years and is therefore treated like a felony under the Federal firearm law. Your best option would be to apply for a pardon from the Governor of Pennsylvania. Please see more information on PA Pardons here: http://www.recordgone.com/expu...
Ryan Frasnelli
13th October 2014 10:12pm
I have two different charges for possession with intent to deliver marijuana (the most recent was on February 21, 2006). Does that mean that I have lost my gun rights in Pennsylvania? If I did lose my gun rights, would I be able to get them back?
10th October 2014 11:26am
I was 302'ed as a minor in Pennsylvania. Is there any chance of getting my gun rights restored? It has been 14 years since the charge.
8th October 2014 2:19pm
I got a misdemeanor for carrying without a license, but it was my registered gun and it was loaded in the trunk of my car. I have no felonies and I am an army veteran with two tours in Iraq. I got an honorable discharge and have multiple awards. I haven\'t been in trouble with the law since the conviction 7 years ago and I just want to know if I can get my rights restored.
Jenna Thorne
8th October 2014 10:56pm
Without additional information regarding exactly what you were convicted of, I cannot say for sure if you can get your rights restored. However, a conviction under Section 6106 (carrying without a license) in Pennsylvania generally is either a 3rd degree Felony or a Misdemeanor 1. If you were convicted of an M1, the federal firearm prohibition applies to you, and a PA restoration does not lift the federal ban at this time. Your best option in that case would be to apply for a pardon in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.If you were convicted of a lower level misdemeanor and believe your rights are prohibited in PA but not under federal law, there is generally a 10 year waiting period before you can apply for the restoration in PA court.
Frank Zane
1st October 2014 7:03pm
I have an M1 from 1982 and an M2 from 1984. I pleaded guilty to both counts and served no prison time. For the M1, I was given 2 years probation, and for the M2, I paid restitution. The M2 case was closed 15 years ago. I have been a model citizen since then, working in a professional environment for 24 years straight. I have plenty of references and no arrests since the M2 terminated 15 years ago. What are the chances of restoring my gun rights since its been more than 24 years since that M1 probation was over with? Thank you.
Jenna Thorne
8th October 2014 9:23pm
Hello Frank, unfortunately a firearm rights restoration in Pennsylvania will not fully restore your gun rights. A Misdemeanor 1 conviction in PA is punishable by up to five years imprisonment. Because the maximum penalty (regardless of what sentence you received) is greater than 2 years confinement, an M1 conviction is treated as a felony for the purposes of the federal firearm prohibition. A PA gun restoration does not lift the federal ban. Therefore, currently the only way to fully restore your PA gun rights is to apply for a pardon. Please see our page on pardons here: http://www.recordgone.com/expu...
11th July 2014 11:39pm
I have a felony 3, firearms not to be carried without a license. What are my chances of getting my firearm restored?
16th July 2014 8:33pm
What was the felony for and when did it occur?

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