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New York Certificate Of Relief From Disabilities FAQFrequently Asked Questions

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Topic: New York Certificate of Relief from Disabilities FAQ
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10th July 2015 7:55am
I was convicted of Attempted Sell in the 3rd degree in 1997 in New York City 18 years ago. I was granted a certificate of relief from disabilities. I now live in the state of Connecticut. Does this certificate restore my rights to get a gun permit?
A Certificate of Relief from Disabilities does not remove the federal prohibition that applies to those with a felony conviction.  Additionally, the Certificate, while helping remove the NY state firearm ban, does not need to be honored by another state in regards to restoration of fireram rights.  That is something that you could look into further to determine how Connecticut would treat the NY Certificate of Relief from Disabilities, but since it appears that you are still banned on the federal level, analyzing the state's treatment is likely not necessary.
Stevina T.
27th June 2015 3:06pm
A Buffalo New York judge (whom convicted me of assault charges in 2008) denied me certificates. After a four months process of probation interviews, proof of my nail salon ownership, pay stubs from both my current employers, I was still DENIED. I received the paper from city court this morning. The paper does not state WHY I was denied. I am told that I can reapply in six months. I began LPN SCHOOL next month. What can I do to guarantee that I get APPROVED for the certificates when I reapply? We all know nurses need to be of positive moral character. I have definitely changed. I need this certificate to obtain employment. Please help.
I am sorry to hear that your request for a Certificate was recently denied. There is no simple answer I can give to you that will guarantee your next request be approved, especially without knowing more about your case or your current circumstances.  If you would like to discuss your case further or are interested in having our firm represent you and put together the best case possible when you reapply in six months, please contact our office. Thank you.
Eric C.
5th March 2015 4:52am
Will the the Certificate of Relief (DC DPCA-52) appear in a typical background check report when a potential employer receives the background check report?
The entry of the Certificate of Relief should have been added to the official records following the court granting the relief. However, we see all the time following other record clearing relief that private background check companies provide inaccurate/old information to potential employers.  If the background check company has followed up with the court to ensure their information is up-to-date and accurate, the fact that a Certifcate has been granted should appear following the conviction information, but unfortunately it is common for the reports to not provide a complete picture.  If you are interested in our service which would help update information in commercial background check companies, please visit this page: http://www.recordgone.com/expedited-record-clearance-update.htm
Daniel F.
3rd March 2015 10:18am
I was granted a relief of disabilities in November of 1973, and I have never been arrested since then.  Can this help me in getting a real estate salesman license?
Yes, a Ceritifcate for Relief of Disabilities can definitely help you obtain a real estate salesman license in New York. It can however depend on the exact wording of the relief granted at the time it was issued.  If it only specifically relieved certain disabilities, you could file for a supplemental one at this time to include relief from the disability to obtain this specific license. From the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision: "A Certificate of Relief may remove any mandatory legal bar or disability imposed as a result of conviction of the crime or crimes specified in the certificate. ... Note that removing mandatory legal bars restores your right to apply and be considered for employment or license, but does not guarantee it will be granted."  The Certificate may allow you to apply and allows them to grant the license, but does not require them to do so. 
Vicky S.
1st March 2015 2:34pm
What if the job do background check or fingerprint back ground check if you have a certificate of release of disability what will they see if they search my name and fingerprint? I would just like to know.
This question is addressed above under the "Updating of Records and Background Checks After Certifcate" section.  The case and the conviction will still appear, but there will be an entry added to that case which indicates the Certificate of Relief from Disabilities has been granted. This allows a potential employer to know that the court has found you rehabilitated, but the fact of the conviction is not removed from your records.
Dee mann
9th October 2014 8:01pm
How do I get copies of my certificate of relief? I need them for a job.
Amy B.
7th May 2015 12:35pm
I received a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities in 2005 or 2006 so that I could get a real estate license. I got another job and never actually applied for the license. Now I want to apply for a real estate license but can't find the certificate that was sent to me. How do I get a copy in the most expeditious manner? I pled guilty to a felony in 2004 in the Criminal Court of New York County. Thanks for your anticipated response.
If your Certificate was granted from the court, you should be able to contact the court directly and request a copy of the Certificate of Relief that was granted.  If you would like assistance with getting a copy of the Certificate or other court documents, please contact our office and we can obtain these documents on your behalf.  Thank you.
2nd October 2014 5:37pm
Will a certificate of relief or certificate of good conduct restore my right to own a firearm?
25th September 2014 6:28am
I have box A checked. Is that appropriate to get my pistol license back? My attorney said it is, while the police department said that it wasn't.

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