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Topic: Pennsylvania Expungement FAQs
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13th February 2015 8:55am
Is it true that an expungement cannot be granted, in the state of PA, if you plead no contest? I was told this by another attorney. The conviction occurred almost 20 years ago and no other arrests made since.
The expungement law in PA does not currently provide for the expungement of misdemeanor or felony convictions, unless you received and completed ARD or are over the age of 70.  Pennsylvania law permits expungement of ARD cases, summary offense convictions and cases that did not result in a conviction.
5th November 2014 11:59pm
Can I expunge 2 DUIs? The first one was an ARD and the second charge was a 3802A1 that happened six months later. I was found guilty more than 10 years ago and my record is clean since.
Jenna Thorne
26th November 2014 9:00pm
Your ARD case may be eligible if you successfully completed it (and it was not revoked due to your second case). The second DUI conviction would not be eligible for expungement in Pennsylvania, unless you are over the age of 70. Please take our eligibility test to determine which cases are eligible for expungement in PA. The other option available to you in PA is to apply for a pardon, please visit our Pardon page for more information.
20th August 2014 2:38am
Will an expungement for Summary Retail Theft allow me to have my name removed from NRMA and other such websites? If not, would Record gone be able to assist me in getting my name removed?
20th August 2014 3:22am
The NRMA is the National Retail Mutual Association. It is a database made available only to retail stores who pay to be a member of the NRMA. The data comes from signed admissions by those who were accused of retail theft. It is not a court or government record. A court expungement will not have any effect on the NRMA. The good news is that the NRMA only keeps records of incidents for seven years, after that, records are no longer reported. You can read more about the NRMA at http://www.geninfo.com/theftda...
20th August 2014 6:26am
Do you have to wait the 7 years or can you get a lawyer to have your name removed before then? There are other such websites like Hire Right. Will they only keep a name on file for 7 or so years? I was told by someone that GIS may be able to assist me in having my name removed? Is this true? If so where can I find a link to their site and what does GIS stand for?
Jenna Thorne
25th August 2014 6:33pm
If you have your case expunged through the court, there is a chance that GIS would remove your name from the NRMA's database prior to the 7 years expiring. However, as previously mentioned, the expungement would not have a direct effect on the NRMA database, but it would give you some ammunition when dealing with them to request they remove your information.The NRMA's website seems to imply that they do comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and therefore if you submit a dispute and provide an expungement order, you may be able to have your name removed at that point. Without an expungement order, I do not believe there is much an attorney could do to remove your information. GIS stands for General Information Systems, and they are the company that maintains the NRMA Retail Theft Database.
17th October 2014 4:40am
I am more than halfway through the CAP program(a kind of ARD for Retail Theft). I have done my 6 hours of community service, written a letter of apology to the Loss Prevention Agent and did a research paper on the effects of retail theft on businesses. Now I just have to wait until my sponsor signs off on my program which should happen just after Thanksgiving. Until then I still need to check in with him once a week. My questions are as follows: Will my expungement also cover the fingerprints, the arrest record, and the citation (issued on the day of the arrest)? How long will the expungement process take and do I need to do something to initiate it in District Court? Who will able to see the file besides law enforcement? I work in retail now, but I would like to get a job at bank or maybe with the city or State where I live. Will I be able to pass a criminal background check once the charges are expunged? I would also like to attend nursing school, will I have any problems obtaining ... Read More
Jenna Thorne
27th October 2014 10:19pm
I am not too familiar with the Community Accountability Program that you are currently completing. It does appear that the expungement should be completed automatically upon successful completion of the terms of the program by the court. However, CAP is a very new program in PA and you should ensure that if the court does automatically grant expungement of the case, that the expungement order is served on all agencies that might have records of the arrest. You would also want to obtain and save a copy of the court order directing expungement. Often, at least in ARD cases, the court would "expunge" the records but did not notify any other agencies of the expungement. Once an expungement is granted and served on all agencies, it should allow you to pass a background check and will remove all records relating to the arrest and court case. If the automatic expungement is not properly completed, you would be eligible to apply for an arrest record expungement through the county court ... Read More

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