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08/20/2014 02:38 am

Will an expungement for Summary Retail Theft allow me to have my name removed from NRMA and other such websites? If not...Would Record gone be able to assist me in getting my name removed?


08/20/2014 03:22 am

The NRMA is the National Retail Mutual Association. It is a database made available only to retail stores who pay to be a member of the NRMA. The data comes from signed admissions by those who were accused of retail theft. It is not a court or government record. A court expungement will not have any effect on the NRMA. The good news is that the NRMA only keeps records of incidents for seven years, after that, records are no longer reported. You can read more about the NRMA at http://www.geninfo.com/theftda...


08/20/2014 06:26 am

Do you have to wait the 7 years or can you get a lawyer to have your name removed before then? There are other such websites like Hire Right will they to only keep a name on file for 7 or so years? I was told by someone that GIS may be able to assist me in having my name removed? Is this true? If so where can I find a link to their site and what does GIS stand for?

Jenna Thorne

08/25/2014 06:33 pm

If you have your case expunged through the court, there is a chance that GIS would remove your name from the NRMA's database prior to the 7 years expiring. However, as previously mentioned, the expungement would not have a direct effect on the NRMA database, but it would give you some ammunition when dealing with them to request they remove your information.

The NRMA's website seems to imply that they do comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and therefore if you submit a dispute and provide an expungement order, you may be able to have your name removed at that point. Without an expungement order, I do not believe there is much an attorney could do to remove your information. GIS stands for General Information Systems, and they are the company that maintains the NRMA Retail Theft Database.

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