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Washington Record Sealing FAQFrequently Asked Questions

This page will answer questions related to record sealing in general as well as questions specific to our Washington adult record sealing service. Let us guide you through the record sealing process. You can find a wealth of information below or go directly to our record sealing service to learn more or sign up. If you want to find out if your record is eligible for sealing you can take our free online eligibility test.

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23rd June 2015 7:03am
Is it possible for a news agency to report on the previously-obtained court documents of a case that was very public, but later sealed by the courts?
We do not handle the sealing of adult court records in Washington; our service targets the WSP records. Because of this, I am not aware of any specific portion of the law governing court sealing that would prohibit news agncies from reporting on the case. Some state's have sections of the expungement law that make it a criminal offense to knowinglt disclose an expunged case.  However generally, it is difficult to get a news agency to cease reporting the information. This is because even if the court has granted a sealing/expungement and deemed the case to not have occurred, news agencies have been able to prevail in courts, defending libel actions.  This is because they are reporting on information that occurred prior and as long as they are reporting the truth, they have been protected. You can contact the news agency to discuss these issues and request they cease reporting on the case. If they do not, I would advise contacting an attorney to look further into your options.
Camellia W.
28th January 2015 5:56pm
Can I pass the WSP Background and Criminal History, if I have been granted a Deferred Prosecution from the Judge? I am trying to obtain another WA State Job and all of them want the person to pass the background and criminal history. I have a clean record, but just charged with DUI.
Your case will still appear in both the court records and the WSP report unless you take steps to have it removed. If you completed the deferred prosecution program and have satisfied the waiting period, you may be able to seal the records through the WSP.  Please take our eligibility test to see if you are able to remove the record of that case from the Washington State Patrol\'s records.

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