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Setting Aside A Record In Michigan - FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Setting aside a record in Michigan can be a frustrating process, but it doesn't have to be. We can clear your record for you with our record set aside service. Are you confused about what record clearing options are available to your unique case? Take our free online eligibility test to quickly and easily find out!

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Topic: Setting Aside a Record in Michigan - FAQ
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Janice O.
10th September 2015 1:13pm
Hi, I had written to you about a year ago asking a question that I guess I already know the answer to, but what I was hoping to do is to find out was what it is that I should do. I can't find the email that you sent to me before that did explain it so here's my situation again.  I have a felony OUIL (#3 in ten years). This was before the new law where 3 in a lifetime is now a felony. I had 2 OUILs in 1991 and then a 3rd in 2001, unfortunately just under the ten year mark, so it was bound over to circuit court and here I am 14 years later unable to find a job with this on my record. I understand that the only option I have is to write to the governor asking for what? a pardon? Beg for a favor? As you can see, this is where I need help with the legal lingo. What is it exactly that I need to do and ask for. Where do I start would be the best question I suppose. I appreciate any help, advice or suggestions you may have for me.
If you are ineligible for a set aside in Michigan, the other option you have is to seek a pardon from the governor. You can find more information online regarding the process for seeking a pardon.  Unfortunately, we do not offer pardons in Michigan at this time.  You can click on the links that follow to view: the instructions and the application form.  Let us know if you have any other questions that we can answer for you.
18th March 2015 11:25am
If there was no trial or conviction do I need to expunge the fact I was photographed, fingerprinted and jailed for 7 days?
That is entirely up to you and whether the records of the arrest will harm you in any way.  Just because you did not go to trial and you were not convicted does not mean that those records can not be found or seen by the public.  If you are eligible to expunge your records it will give you peace of mind knowing that the records are not visible and you will not have to answer questions about the case at all or explain why the arrest occurred in the first place.
Willie C.
15th March 2015 10:35am
My first felony was in 1980 so is that still on my record?
Felony convictions or any criminal case for that matter are never automatically removed from your criminal record regardless of how much time has passed.  Please contact us or take the test to determine if you are eligible for any of our services.
22nd January 2015 1:35am
if there were a drug felony conviction concerning two different drugs at the same time, is that one or two convictions?
The answer may determine if we are able to set-aside your conviction in Michigan.   There is no need for us to guess about the unpredictable actions of a court or judge when the answer can easily be obtained by calling the court.  We would be glad to do that for you for a small fee, which would be applied to any service that you are eligibe for, or you can call the court yourself and ask.  Thank you.
29th July 2014 6:11pm
On the form there is an abbreviation called ctn/tcn and also SID...can anyone tell me what that means?
Jenna Thorne
30th July 2014 7:23pm
On a Michigan expungement form, CTN stands for "Criminal Tracking Number" which is a number assigned to a specific case from the prosecuting attorney. SID stands for "State Identification Number" and is a number provided by the state police. If you have an ICHAT report from the Michigan State Police, both of these numbers will be listed on there. The SID number will be located with your identifying information and the CTN is provided in each case. Additionally, you should be able to locate these numbers in the court documents if you have those. If you need additional assistance completing the expungement process, do not hesitate to contact our office.

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