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Vacating (Expunging) A Record In Washington FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Vacating a record in the state of Washington is also known as expunging your record. If you have questions about vacating your record, the chances are that we have already answered them here. If you would like to know more about our record vacating service click here to visit our service page. Are you trying to determine if your record is eligible to be vacated? We can help! We have created a free online eligibility test so you can easily see if you are eligible, without the expense of hiring an attorney just to check for you.

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26th August 2015 6:37pm
I recently found out I did not pay all fines for a Misdemeanor charge that I plead guilty to 8 years ago because some of the payments I made ended up paying for a speeding violation in a different court. Once I found out I paid it off in full to the collection company same day. I understand I have to get the judge to Backdate the payment in order to successfully vacate the charge. How do I backdate a payment?
The more common type of backdating we see is requesting a Certificate of Discharge be backdated for felony convictions, where the sentence was completed but the Certificate never issued. In your situation, you can request a judge backdate the payment of fines.  However, a judge is not required to grant this relief.  In order to do this you will have to file a motion with the court either prior to or simultaneously with your motion to vacate the case.  If you would like to discuss your case with us further, please contact us by phone.
Brian M.
15th August 2015 6:15pm
If I was convicted of felony and is vatated/expunged does it still show up on police state records? If so what would it show? Convicted, vacated, nothing?
This is discussed briefly above in the "Updating of Records and Background Checks" section.  A Washington State Patrol report will no longer show your case if it is vacated.  However, if a background is run from records obtained from the court, it would should the case was vacated/dismissed as the court does not fully seal/remove the case but rather updates the information to show the conviction was vacated.
8th August 2015 10:10pm
I have a former co-worker that was supposed to go for sentencing and didn't. He is on D.O.C and now is on the run for authorities going in & finding a gun that wasn't his. What can he do to not be convicted for this crime that he really didn't do and was not aware of?
He needs to hire a criminal defense attorney to assist him wiith these very serious charges against him.

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