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Indiana Firearm Rights Restoration FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Find the answers that will help you get your gun rights back! If you are trying to get your firearm rights restored in Indiana, you have come to the right place. Our attorneys have answered all of the most commonly asked questions that we receive regarding our Indiana firearm rights restoration service. Usually people just want to know if they meet the requirements for firearm rights restoration so they know whether or not to continue pursuing restoration. If that is your goal, then you can

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Topic: Indiana Firearm Rights Restoration FAQ
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2nd January 2016 3:53pm
My husband was convicted of 2 felonies and a misdemeanor in 2011. He has done his time paid his fines and completed probation without even a traffic stop. He doesn't want to necessarily have a conceal carry permit just to be able to hunt during hunting season. Is it possible to get that right back without a pardon?
With a felony conviction, the federal firearm ban applies, in addition to any prohibitions that he may fall under Indiana state law. Please contact our office if you are interested in a formal review of his record and options.  Firearm laws are complicated and we are unable to provide thorough, accurate responses to detailed questions regarding eligibility for legal services over this forum.
Ryan S.
31st October 2015 4:13pm
I was convicted of uttering a forged document when I was 18, I believe it had adjudication withheld. 1. How do I find out if it did and if so does that mean I can own a firearm? 2. If not then how would I go about restoring my right to bear arms? I am now 33 and a upstanding member of my community.
You can contact the court where your case occurred to request the court records.  If you would like us to handle the research portion and determine your eligibility for you, we can do so.  Please contact our office.  Otherwise, please run through the eligibility test or call us to discuss your eligibility once you have your records from the court.
Callie M.
23rd August 2015 11:48pm
I was convicted of felony Pointing a Firearm, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Recklessness and Intimidation in 2007 and everything was reduced to Class A Criminal Recklessness misdemeanor. I got the misdemeanor expunged in 2014 and I applied for my gun permit and got denied. If I had my charge expunged, why wouldn't that entitle me to get my gun permit back?
An expungement under Indiana law currently does not restore firearm rights that were lost as a result of the conviction.  However, I am a little unclear on the disposition of your case as you indicated you were convicted of a felony, but then indicated the charges were reduced to just the Class A misdemeanor. If you have just the Class A misdemeanor it is possible you still have you firearm rights but are just having issues with the concealed carry permit which is a different standard to satisfy. The permit to carry a concealed handgun can be denied if you were arrested for a felony while armed with a deadly weapon. Please contact us with any specific questions on your case; it is important to review your case documents and the denial to determine exactly how to proceed.
17th August 2015 4:33pm
I have a Class D felony for domestic about 5 years ago am I able to get my rights restored?
Unfortunately, the restoration process in Indiana does not fully restore rights that were lost as a result of a felony conviction.  You would need to seek a pardon from the governor.
Allen S.
4th July 2015 4:43am
I was convicted of a class B felony when I was 18 I'm 28 now. I did my probation and completed everything. What will I have to do to be able to get my rights back to carry a firearm?
If you were convicted of a felony, to fully restore you firearm rights in Indiana, under both state and federal law, you will need to apply for a pardon from the governor.  We do not currently offer that service.
Randy J.
25th April 2015 6:12pm
I have already been expunged. And the state says my civil rights were restored but federal government says that is not true. How much would you charge me to get my civil rights restored.
Unfortunately, to restore your firearm rights fully in Indiana if you were convicted of a felony, you must apply for a pardon. This is because an expungement and/or a firearm restoration in Indiana does not lift the federal ban.  We do not offer pardons in Indiana at this time.
Jason M.
1st March 2015 8:18am
I had a Class D felony from 10 years ago recently reduced to a class a misdemeanor. Am I able to purchase a firearm in Indiana.
Once you have had a Class D felony reduced to a Class A misdemeanor, the case is treated as though it was always a misdemeanor offense. All traces of the felony classification should be removed.  That being said, certain types of misdemeanors can continue to affect your firearm rights so based on in information you have provided we cannot definitively say if you can purchase a firearm. We would be happy to do a firearm analysis for you. You may also be eligible to expunge the case at this time. Please contact us if you are interested in pursuing either of those options. If you complete the application for a firearm, they will run a check on you and determine your ability to purchase. Just ensure you answer everything honestly regarding your criminal history on the application; dishonesty on the application can result in a denial and can lead to new criminal charges.

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