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We are not currently accepting new clients for Illinois pardons. We encourage you to visit pardon411.com for free information about how to apply for a pardon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Is your conviction record in Illinois preventing you from reaching your full potential? RecordGone.com concentrates on record clearing cases just like yours and we want to help you get your conviction pardoned.

Most employers and landlords regularly run criminal history checks on potential employees and tenants. The more serious the offense, the more likely that it will be problematic if it shows up on your record. You should not be punished for your past, especially when your past criminal record occurred a long time ago or when you have demonstrated rehabilitation and deserve a second chance.

As a trusted name in record clearing, you can be assured we will do the best job we can for you and your case and get your conviction pardoned as quickly as possible.

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Illinois Executive Clemency and Pardon

The Illinois Constitution, article V, §12, provides the Governor pardon power. Under Illinois law, the Illinois Prison Review Board receives and processes all requests for executive clemency and then makes a confidential recommendation to the Governor. A pardon itself does not remove or erase your conviction, nor does it make you "innocent." However, a recipient of a pardon is typically considered "forgiven" for the crime, and can be relieved of legal penalties and disabilities incurred due to the conviction. There are different types of Executive Clemency that the Illinois Governor can convey that provide and restore different kinds of relief from the conviction. If your case isn't eligible for expungement, sealing, or a certificate of sealing, the good news is that all cases are eligible for pardon or executive clemency in Illinois.

Who is Eligible for Executive Clemency and Pardon?

Everyone with a criminal conviction in Illinois is eligible for Executive Clemency or Pardon in Illinois. Anyone except for those convicted in another state or convicted of federal offenses can apply to have their case reviewed by the Prison Review Board for a recommendation to the Governor. However, if you are eligible for expungement, sealing, or a certificate of sealing, we would recommend you pursue those record clearing avenues before seeking a pardon.

There are several factors that the Prisoner Review Board and Governor consider when deciding whether to grant an applicant executive clemency or a Pardon. Factors that may be considered include:

  • Circumstances and severity of the offense
  • Other criminal history record
  • Education, employment history, marital status, children, substance abuse history, mental health history, military record, charitable and community activities
  • Awards or commendations received or other achievements
  • Counseling and rehabilitative programs
  • Life changing events
  • Reasons for seeking a pardon including opportunities denied because of your criminal record
  • Whether or not your case is eligible for court relief
  • The reason you wish to have firearm privileges again (if applying for gun rights)
  • Anything else that the Prisoner Review Board thinks is important

Take the first steps to a better life now by taking our free online evaluation and see if you are eligible to have your case cleared. If your case is not eligible for an expungement, sealing, or certificate of sealing, we can can file for a pardon. There are no eligibility requirements to apply for a pardon in Illinois.

Types of Illinois Executive Clemency and Pardon

Illinois has five different types of Executive Clemency and Pardons that you can apply for. Choosing which type to apply for depends on the kind of relief you desire and can be a strategic decision that you should make with the attorney’s assistance.

The types of Executive Clemency that you can apply for are:

  • Standard Pardon
  • Authorization to file in circuit court for Expungement
  • Pardon and authorization to file in circuit court for Expungement
  • Pardon and authorization to file in circuit court for Expungement with restoration of potential firearm privileges and the authority to apply for a Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID)
  • Commutation of sentence (to get out of prison early).

Picking which type of relief is best for your situation is an important decision. We can assist you to choose which type of application you should pursue.

Illinois Executive Clemency and Pardon Process

We start the same day you sign up. Having handled more than 15,000 cases successfully, we know how to get records cleared as fast as possible. The process to receive Executive Clemency or Pardon in Illinois is very lengthy. The process takes at least 12 months, although they generally take several years. Each case is different and the Prisoner Review Board and Governor have complete discretion over the process. The length of time it takes will also depend on the amount of applications the prison Review Board is processing at any given time. It’s best to get your case started right away so you can obtain relief as soon as possible.

Because pardons can take several years to receive an answer, our representation ends after the standard hearing in front of the board that considers pardons (we charge an additional fee to attend this hearing with you). If we can, we will still provide support after the hearing, although this would require a separate agreement and potentially an additional fee.

Our fee is broken into two parts. The first fee covers the application. We will obtain the application and any necessary court records on your behalf, prepare and review the application, and file the application with the Prisoner Review Board. If you choose to have a hearing with the Prisoner Review Board, there is an additional second fee for the attorney to appear with you at the hearing before the Board. It is not required that you choose to have and attend a hearing with the Prisoner Review Board. If you are granted authorization to file for expungement as part of your application, we will complete the expungement in court for you for no additional fee.

We also have a low-price guarantee. Just show us a competitor’s quote or ad and we will match it.

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* The price covers the cost of completing the application on your behalf, working with you to submit necessary documentation for the application, obtaining a copy of your criminal record, and filing the application with the Prisoner Review Board. If you choose to have a public hearing in front of the the Board, there will be an additional charge of $500 to have an attorney appear with you.

This price includes filing fees and application costs. In some instances a criminal history report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation or Illinois State Police may need to be obtained. This may require you to be fingerprinted and you may need to pay an additional approximate amount of $25. Client may also need to have documents notarized by a Notary Public. Client is responsible for those additional costs.

Illinois Pardon

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