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Illinois Firearm Rights Restoration FAQFrequently Asked Questions

In an effort to help individuals restore their gun rights, our expert attorneys have compiled a list of frequently asked questions asked by our clients. You can take our free online eligibility test to check if you are eligible to restore your rights. Upon determining that you are eligible, you can use our Illinois firearm rights restoration service to have our attorneys get your rights restored.

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Topic: Illinois Firearm Rights Restoration FAQ
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2nd June 2017 7:02pm
I was convicted of a class 4 felony for unlawful use of a credit card in Illinois. I served 2 months in jail, 2 years probation, and paid a fine. Would I be able to restore my rights?
Yes, a class 4 felony for unlawful use of a credit card is the type of case which should be eligible for restoration. You can easily determine if your case is eligible for expungement by taking our online eligibility test or calling us at 877-573-7273 so one of our specialists may assist you more personally and screen your case for any potential issues that could affect your firearm rights restoration eligibility.
W. McCray
6th November 2015 11:26pm
I currently live in Nevada, but was convicted of theft/deception >$300 <$10K, a felony conviction in Illinois in 1999. Can I have my firearm right restored without Illinois residency? Do I have to wait until 20 years from conviction, or end of sentence (probation)?
You must live in Illinois currently in order to apply for an IL firearm restoration.
Elbert M.
10th October 2015 6:45am
I was convicted of a controlled substance in 2001. I then got that expunged and have not had ant felony convictions since then am I eligible to own a fiod card?  I applied once and was denied because I told then about the conviction cause I figured they would see it any way. I then waited about a year and just tried again saying I have no conviction. What are my chances of it working this time if not what are my next steps to obtain one?
In IL, an expungement does not restore your firearm rights lost as a result of a conviction.  You may still be able to restore your firearm rights.  Please take our eligibility test or contact our office to discuss your options or sign up for an evaluation to determine your options.
13th July 2015 12:44pm
I had 2 felony convictions for Possession of a Controlled Substance. I received a pardon from the Governor and was granted and expungement by a county court judge. Would I currently have the right to own a firearm?
Typically a pardon should restore your firearm rights that were lost as a result of the conviction at both the state and federal level.  However, the pardon could specify that firearm rights were not restored. Without knowing more about the relief you were granted or if any other prohibiting factors apply to you, we cannot say for sure if you current have the right to own a firearm. If you would like a personalized analysis, please contact our office.
23rd June 2015 8:07am
Hello I'm currently 27 years of age and at the age of 17 I was charged with a class 4 felony for intent to manufacture and distribute cannabis. About a month ago my lawyer petitioned for my record to be sealed and the court granted it so now my record is sealed. Can I get my gun rights restored or is my charge considered a forcibly felony?
Neither of those drug offenses would be a forcible felony under Illinois law. The court would still have to find that you are not likely to act in a manner contrary to public safety and that restoring the right is not against public interest.  To confirm you are eligible to apply, please take our Eligibility Test or contact our office to discuss your situation and to sign up over the phone.  Thank you.
17th June 2015 3:54am
I was charged with a felony theft in 2006. I was sentenced to 4 years probation and restitution. I don't want to own a gun, but just shoot one for targets or hunting. Am I able to?
The firearm prohibition applies to both ownership and possession.  If you are banned because of your felony conviction, you will need to get your rights restored in order to legally possess a firearm.
14th June 2015 11:17am
Will getting a juvenile record expunged in the state of IL restore the right to possess a firearm? Or will one need to proceed with firearm rights restoration in addition to expungement? I know for a fact I am eligible for expungement and have been for several years.
In addition, with the expungement, I'm hoping to make myself eligible to work in certain regulated industries.
A juvenile expungement in Illinois should restore your right to possess a firearm if that right was lost as a result of the juvenile adjudication.  Expungement will also help tremendously with employment, however, certain law enforcement agencies can still see an expunged juvenile case if the individual is seeking employment with them.  However, for all other purposes, it is as though the case does not exist.
Bill M.
11th June 2015 6:01am
I was arrested for domestic battery and was on court supervision for 1 year. My FOID card was revoked. My ex had an Order Of Protection on me that ended in May 2015.  Can I simply re-apply for a new FOID card or do I have to request and Appeal for the restoration of my firearms rights?
If you were convicted of the domestic battery charge, you are most likely prohibited currently from purchasing or possessing a firearm, even though the prohibition that stemmed from the Order of Protection has elapsed. You would need to petition for a firearm rights restoration to restore the rights lost as a result of the domestic violence conviction.  Please contact us to discuss your case in detail and we can do the research into what steps you need to take to obtain a new FOID card.
Shane S
7th June 2015 8:23am
I have a felony that I got in over 10 years ago for burglary, I served 30 days in jail, 2.5 years probation and a fine.  I have an honorable duscharge from the Army that I got in 2008, will that help my case at all to get my rights back?
Unfortunately, burglary is considered a "forcible felony" under Illinois law and therefore you must wait 20 years from the completion of your sentence before you can apply to restore your firearm rights.  Once you are eligible, the fact that you were honorably discharged from the Army will very likely help your case, but you cannot even apply under the current statute until the waiting period has been satisfied.
14th December 2014 7:09pm
I have a class 4 felony in Illinois and now I live in Montana. How can I clear my name so that I can have my gun rights back to be able to hunt with my sons?
The issue of restoring firearm rights when multiple states are involved can be a difficult question.  Because you live in Montana, it will be their firearm laws that govern. And while they may honor an IL restoration, you can unfortunately not apply for an IL restoration if you are currently living out of state. Without knowing more about the conviction, we cannot say whether your case is eligible to be sealed though some Class 4 Felonies are eligible or whether a sealing would have any impact on Montana's treatment of the conviction. I would advise you contact an attorney in Montana to see what options you have there.
Randy Madrigal
8th August 2014 10:28pm
What are my chances of getting an FOID card? I have been convicted 2 times for battery as an adult, unauthorized use of a weapon (brass knuckles) and battery, and once for burglary as a juvenile. The adult charges from the last one were from over 26 years ago. I've never had anything since then and I have a great job managing a department for a Fortune 500 company. Please advise as I have all of the records pulled by the FBI except the juvenile records.

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