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Florida Civil Rights Restoration FAQFrequently Asked Questions

This page was designed to help our clients better understand our Florida Civil Rights Restoration service. You will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. If your question is related to eligibility requirements please take the free online eligibility test.

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Topic: Florida Civil Rights Restoration FAQ
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Scott F.
26th September 2015 6:41pm
I live in jacksonville Florida. I have 3 felony convictions from 1997, a worthless check conviction and a obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. I did not do time in prison, I did 10 months in the Duval County jail, paid all restitution and fines. How can i find out if my rights have been restored? I have been to the restoration of civil rights search page but I do not believe I have a Dept. of Corrections ID number because I never went to prison. Thanks
On the search page (https://fpcweb.fpc.state.fl.us/)  you should be able to enter your full name and then your DOB or a DOC ID number. You should be able to enter your date of birth and determine if your rights have been restored. That website will only show information for people that received a restoration but nothing will appear otherwise, including if you are eligible to apply for a restoration.  If you have felony convictions, you need to apply to have your rights restored in Florida it does not occur automatically.
James C.
8th December 2014 8:57pm
How do you tell exactly what rights were restored? Is there a website that you can go to to find out? Thank you for your time.
Jenna Thorne
9th December 2014 3:23pm
In Florida, a convicted felon cannot vote, serve on a jury or hold public office unless their rights have been restored. If you have applied to have your rights restored and are unsure as to what was granted, you can search online for that information through the Florida Commission on Offender Review website: https://www.fcor.state.fl.us/restoration.shtml. You can search for rights that have already been restored and also print a certificate.
If you have not been granted restoration of rights, the rights you have lost will depend on what you have on your record. You can contact our office to determine if a restoration is a good option in your case.
6th October 2014 4:36am
I am a resident of Massachusetts. I have a Federal white collar conviction from 1990. I have served my time, completed supervised release, and paid all fines and restitution. MA does not limit my rights to vote upon completion of my restrictions. If I become a Florida resident, do I have the right to vote?

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