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We are no longer accepting new clients for this service. We encourage you to visit pardon411.com for free information on how to apply for a Washington pardon. We apologize for any inconvenience.

A conviction in the state of Washington can prevent you from being able to secure stable employment or find good housing for you and your family. While Washington’s current law dictates that some convictions are not be eligible to be vacated, you are still most likely able apply for a pardon from the Governor.

A pardon will help you move forward by shielding the case from public view in the Washington State Patrol (WSP) records and will allow you to state to potential employers, landlords and others that you have been granted a pardon from the governor, which is an extraordinary form of relief.

While the governor makes the final determination, a pardon application in Washington is first sent to the Clemency and Pardons Board. The Board consists of five members, which are appointed by the Governor. The governor is the only individual with the authority to pardon an offense in the state of Washington; this form of relief is not obtainable through the court system.

Am I Eligible for a Pardon?

In order to apply for a pardon in the State of Washington, you must wait until all appeals have concluded or until the time to file an appeal has expired. To see if you meet the basic eligibility requirements for a pardon in Washington, please take our free online eligibility test here.

When deciding whether to recommend a pardon to the Governor, the Board focuses on whether there are “extraordinary” circumstances. The law in Washington does not define what “extraordinary” circumstances are, but the Board is not limited in what they can consider when making their decision. According to the Washington State Clemency & Pardons Board Policies, below is a list of some factors on which those applying for a pardon have presented evidence:

  • The seriousness of the offense;
  • The impact on the victims;
  • Whether there is a significant and documented need for clemency;
  • Acceptance of responsibility, remorse, and atonement;
  • Personal development and positive life changes since the offense occurred;
  • The offender’s criminal history and other relevant background;
  • Whether the individual has complied with all obligations imposed by the court;
  • The amount of time elapsed since the offense occurred.
  • The risk or benefit to the community

The Pardon Process

A submitted pardon application is reviewed first by a two-person Preliminary Review Committee. One of the two members must vote in favor of the application for it to be scheduled for a hearing before the full Board. If it is scheduled for a hearing, the hearing is public and the applicant will need to attend the hearing but can also be represented by an attorney. The hearing is the time to show why your case should be pardoned and explain what “extraordinary” circumstances exist. If the Board votes in favor of the pardon, the application is then sent up to the governor for her final decision.

If a public hearing is scheduled, the prosecuting attorney will be notified of the hearing date. The prosecuting attorney is required to notify any victims of the crime, witnesses, and the law enforcement agency that was involved. These individuals are able to attend the hearing and provide their input on the application or can submit a written statement.

Benefits of a Washington Pardon

If a pardon is granted, the Governor's Office will send a copy of the pardon to the Washington State Patrol (WSP) and request that, pursuant to RCW 9.94A.030(11), they remove the conviction from the criminal history information that is available to the public.

While the conviction will be removed from the defendant’s criminal history, the conviction remains on a separate criminal history available to law enforcement and others who are entitled to non-conviction data under RCW 10.97. The Governor's Office will request that the WSP note the fact that a pardon has been granted even on this non-public criminal record.

While the pardon will remove the conviction from the public’s view at the WSP, it does not automatically remove the record of the conviction from the court files. Additionally, a pardon alone does not grant legal authority to state that the party has never been convicted of a crime on an application for employment. Other remedies do allow you to state that you have never been convicted of a crime, such as vacating the conviction.

How to Start the Process With Us

For our Washington pardon service, we charge a flat fee for the preparation and filing of the application. If you are granted a public hearing, we charge an additional fee to have an attorney prepare for and attend the hearing with you. We start the same day you sign up and make the first payment. We offer interest-free payment plans and we will continue working on your application as long you stay current with your payments.

To sign up, we encourage you to run through our online eligibility test by clicking here. You can sign up online at the conclusion of the test for whichever service you are eligible for in Washington, including a pardon. Or you can call our office to discuss your case or our pardon service and get started over the phone.

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* The price covers the cost of obtaining the application on your behalf, working with you to complete the application, obtaining a copy of your criminal record, and filing the application with the Board. If a hearing is granted by the Board, there will be an additional charge of $500 to have an attorney appear with you.

This price includes filing fees and application costs. In some instances a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation report may need to be obtained. This may require you to be fingerprinted and you may need to pay an additional approximate amount of $25.

Washington Pardon

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