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Pennsylvania Pardon FAQFrequently Asked Questions

If you are trying to obtain a Pennsylvania pardon, you have come to the right place. Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about pardons. If you are trying to determine if you are eligible for a pardon, the easiest way to do that is to take our free online eligibility test. You can learn more about our Pennsylvania pardon service here.

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Topic: Pennsylvania Pardon FAQ
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2nd January 2016 11:42pm
I was convicted of my second DUI in January of 2008 which was an M1. I have since finished my B.S. in criminal justice and work for the the federal bureau of prisons. Would a pardon be a viable option for me to further my career? What is the likelihood of it being successful?
I cannot speak to how a pardon would specifically assist you in your career path; however, a pardon restores all your rights lost as a result of the conviction including your firearm rights. Additionally, the PA pardon allows your case to be eligible to be expunged by the court. Given that information, a pardon is extremely helpful for advancement in almost any career path.  Approximately 30-40% of pardon applications received by the Board are granted. It is decided on a case-by-case basis and the more evidence you can provide showing rehabilitation and community involvement, the better your chances.  The process currently takes 3.5-4 years for the Board to review and decide on the application; therefore, we suggest getting started as soon as possible if it is something you wish to pursue.
Gregory F.
5th December 2015 7:43am
I got into a lot of trouble when I was 17 and 18.. I am now 37. I have not been in any trouble since.. I have had alot of trouble advancing in my carreer due to my record.. I would also like to be able to legally hunt again..unfortunately with the numerious felony convictions and other charges I am certain I have no options.. Do I have any options and what are my chances?
You can apply for a pardon in Pennsylvania.  You can include all of your conviction in your application to be pardoned. While having numerous convictions on your record will be a consideration, the amount of time that has passed since your most recent conviction and what you have done in your life since that time will also be taken into consideration.  If you are interested in getting stared, please take our eligibility test and sign up online or call our office to discuss this further.
17th June 2015 9:19pm
Has your law firm ever acquired a pardon for a felony in the state of Pennsylvania?
29th October 2015 8:08am
I am trying to get public school maintenance position in Bucks County...if I get a pardon and then get the offense expunged, will the school background check show the conviction/pardon/expungement...if so they will not even interview me for a position
If you are granted a pardon and an expungement, abackground check will no longer show the case.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting started on the pardon process.
20th April 2015 1:26pm
I have a burglary and carrying a firearm without license felonies in 2008 and a simple assault misdemeanor. I was told to apply for a pardon. But how hard is it to pardon those offenses?
The chances of success for a pardon will depend in part of the seriousness of the offenses for which you were convicted, but the Board also looks very closely at what you have done since, looking for signs of rehabiliation. They will also consider the length of time that has elapsed since the commission of the crime, completion of all the terms of your sentence, and if you have a specific need for the pardon, such as employment opportunities. 
joe smith
2nd November 2014 1:36am
I have a felony that I got a consent decree for as a minor. Is it possible to expunge it in order to restore my gun rights?
Jenna Thorne
26th November 2014 8:44pm
If you received a consent decree for a juvenile offense in Pennsylvania, you are most likely eligible to have that case expunged from your record. I suggest taking our eligibility test to confirm that you are eligible for that relief. Typically, an expungement will relieve state firearm rights lost as a result of now expunged case. Firearm rights are a very complicated area because of the intersection of state and federal laws. Please contact our office and we can obtain all the information necessary to do a thorough analysis to ensure your rights would be fully restored with the juvenile expungement.

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