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California Juvenile Record Sealing FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about sealing a juvenile record in California? You can read our frequently asked questions below or just take our free online eligibility test to determine if your juvenile record is eligible for sealing.

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Topic: California Juvenile Record Sealing FAQ
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8th July 2014 12:23am
I have a juvenile adjudication for 2nd degree murder in 1994. I did a livescan. I have a possible city job and want to know if this will this show on a DOJ background check?
Jenna Thorne
8th July 2014 8:48pm
Your juvenile adjudication should not show up on the CA DOJ report sent to a potential employer. While the DOJ does maintain all the information on juvenile cases, the information relating to a juvenile arrest or adjudication should not be sent to potential employers. However, there are certain exceptions, and that is not to say it has never happened despite the protections that are in place regarding juvenile cases. Also, it is important to point out a potential employer may be able to find out about the case through a private background check, even if the DOJ does not report the case. Individuals who are eligible for a set aside or record sealing are urged to seek that relief because juvenile records can be obtained by potential employers.

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