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California Criminal Defense FAQFrequently Asked Questions

This page was designed to help our clients better understand our California Criminal Defense service. You will find answers to the questions we are most frequently asked.

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Topic: California Criminal Defense FAQ
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17th January 2017 2:35pm
I was charge with a dui. Can I try to get it off my record even though i have not gone to court yet?
No, you cannot clear your record until your case is completed.  If you are convicted, then you would have to wait until you complete your probation. However, if you are not convicted, then you have to wait until the prosecutor's office drops charges or decides not to file.  You can also attempt to terminate your probation early so that you can clear your case sooner.  You can easily determine if your case is eligible for expungement or some other type or relief by taking our online eligibility test.
James D. B.
8th April 2015 6:10am
I can not believe that I am convicted of grand theft on person for breaking my fiancee's cell phone that I bought her; I did not steal it I broke it because she took mine and had it all weekend and besides that her phone cost less than $100. They also imposed a restraining order on me and she just had my baby and was living at my house with me even after I went to jail she stayed at my house until she had the baby then she went to stay with her mom. Now her Mom is dying and I just want to take care of them and it's nearly impossible to get a job with that on my record. What I really want to do is join the military like my brother. He got killed in Afghanistan in 2009 he was a SF Green Beret and I'm not a thief but this trumped up charge sure makes me look like a real loser. Besides I thought that something had to be worth $500 or $5000 before it could be considered grand theft? Can you help me please?
Sorry to hear of the legal troubles you have had. Please contact our office over the phone to discuss your case was us. In order to give you the best information we will need more information and discuss exactly what you are hoping to accomplish now that the conviction has already been entered. Thank you.
5th September 2014 8:40pm
Does the Judge that did the sentencing have anything to do with the approval?
5th September 2014 8:57pm
The answer really varies by court. In most courts, one or two judges are assigned to handle expungement matters as part of their duties. So, there is a chance that the original sentencing judge could be the judge who makes the ruling on the expungement, but unless it is small county and court, it is highly unlikely.

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