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California Certificate Of Rehabilitation FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Obtaining a certificate of rehabilitation in California can be a complicated process. That is why our attorneys have answered all of the most commonly asked questions for you. Want to know if you are eligible for a certificate of rehabilitation? Take our free online test to find out.

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Topic: California Certificate of Rehabilitation FAQ
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1st August 2017 6:29am
For California offense that requires registration as a sex offender, does the person have to wait 10 years from conviction date or is it 10 years from end of probabtion in order to be eligible for certificate of rehabilitation? The offense conviction date was 2010, probation ended in 2015. We plan on going through the expungement process but would also like the certificate of rehabilitation with a possible pardon, can you clarify if that person can apply for this if not living in CA anymore?
The period of rehabilitation always starts from discharge from confinement (i.e. when you get out of jail or prison) or when you are released on probation, supervision, or parole, whichever is sooner. If you didn't get a jail or prison sentence, that would be the date that you were sentenced to probation (which would most likely be the conviction date).  

Also, some sex offenses only have a 7 year wait period in lieu of the 10 year wait period.  This means that the earliest you would meet the wait requirement would be either 2017 or 2020, depending on the offense you had.  

As to your last question, you must live in California to apply for a Certificate of Rehabilitation.  If you live outside of California, you can still apply for a direct pardon.  You also cannot move back to the state and immediately apply for a Certficate.  You must have lived in California for the 5 years immediately preceeding your application.  We currently offer a service assisting with California pardons if the residency requirement is problematic.  

Because eligibility is complex, we suggest that you contact our office for assistance if you have any questions.
Mark jett
8th June 2015 4:24pm
Can I get a certificate of rehabilitaion in California if i have a felony conviction in Texas? It was 10 years since the case was discharged and probation/parole was completed.
No, you can only apply for a California Certificate of Rehabilitation for a CA conviction.  You will need to seek relief in Texas for a case that occurred there.
Dave H.
30th May 2015 1:41am
I have many felony and misdemeanor convictions that would not be eligible for expungement. Can you just expunge the one misdemeanor 314.1 PC M so that I would not be required to register any more under 290 PC?
Please take the eligibility test to determine if a specific case is eligible.  However, an expungement in California will not remove the registration requirement under PC 290.
Leon Holston
24th December 2014 9:10pm
Once my certificate of rehabilitation is granted, am I eligible for an expungememt or do I have the possibility of reducing my charge to a misdeamenor?
Jimmy bags
13th December 2014 1:19am
Can I be a police officer if I get a certificate of rehabilitation for my felony drug charge that got reduced to a misdemeanor?
Jenna Thorne
15th December 2014 1:23pm
If your conviction occurred prior to January 1, 2004 and has been reduced pursuant to 17(b), you are not disqualified under Government Code section 1029. However, unfortunately if the disqualification under §1029 applies to you because of your felony conviction, then a Certificate of Rehabilitation would not remove that disqualification or allow you to become a police officer.
12th September 2014 9:51pm
The felony was committed in my much younger days over thirty years ago in California. I have since been a liscenced pastor in a non-denominational protestant church, and owned my own construction company. My wife of twenty-five years is a Canadian citizen and needs to return to Canada to live and care for her eldery father. However, Canada will not allow me entrance due to this old conviction. I live in Oregon and have lived in the same area for over fifteen years. I have had no legal problems or arrests or any contact with police or criminal type people in all these years. Can you help me?
13th September 2014 12:16am
The best thing to do is to take our online eligibility test or to call us. https://www.recordgone.com/eli...

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