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In order to get an expungement in Utah you must first get an eligibility certificate from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). Were you your denied the eligibility certificate for reasons you are not sure of? Are you frustrated with the fact that this denial effectively stands in the way of you ever getting your criminal record in Utah expunged? We are experts in record clearing and we want to help you to appeal the BCI decision.

Utah Expungement Law requires that those who apply for expungement get an eligibility certificate from the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI). The BCI often improperly denies an eligibility certificate making expungement impossible. The denial is usually a result of the BCI accessing inaccurate records or improperly interpreting records or law.

BCI Eligibility Certificate Requirements

The requirements for a Certificate of Eligibility that the BCI should be following are:

  • Cannot be convicted of these prohibited offenses that cannot be expunged: capitol offense, first degree felony, violent felony, automobile homicide, felony DUI, and registrable sex offense
  • Also must meet the requirements for waiting period since your conviction:
    • Felony- 7 years
    • Class A Misdemeanor- 5 years
    • Class B Misdemeanor- 4 years
    • Class C Misdemeanor- 3 years
    • Misdemeanor DUI- 10 years
  • Must not have 2 or more felony convictions from separate incidents (Exception- Drug offenses)
  • Must not have 3 or more class A misdemeanor convictions from separate incidents
  • Must not have 4 or more class B misdemeanor convictions from separate incidents
  • Must not have been convicted of 5 or more convictions of any degree (not including infractions) from separate incidents.
  • Must have paid all fines and restitution
  • Must not have any pending criminal proceedings or investigations
  • And must not knowingly and intentionally provide false or misleading information on your application for the certificate

If you think you meet the above requirements and were still denied a certificate you should consider signing on for our BCI Appeals service. If you still are not sure you can also have us research your record to see why you may have been denied. Please take this online evaluation to get the processed started.

Costs to Appeal BCI Denial

If you think your case was improperly denied by the BCI, we can research and analyze the denial for a fee of $200. If the case was indeed improperly denied, we can appeal it for you for $800. The original $200 research fee will then be included into the $800 appeal fee. If are research indicates that you are not eligible or that you are unlikely to succeed on your appeal, you will only be charged the initial $200 research fee.

Costs to Appeal BCI Final Decision to the District Court

However, if you have already appealed the BCI denial and received a negative final decision from the BCI, then we can re-evaluate your case to see if there are grounds to appeal to the district court. We can re-evaluate the case for $200 and appeal to the district court for $250 per hour. You only have 30 days to appeal the decision by the BCI so do not delay. Contact us immediately.

We specialize in record clearing and we want you to be able to get started on your new life by expunging your records as soon as possible. If you decide to sign up with us for the BCI Appeal, we can separate the cost into a more affordable monthly payment plan. You would also be able to track the development of your appeal on the case management system that will be accessible to you online through your unique login and password that we will provide you with.

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* - If our research indicates you are not eligible or that you are unlikely to succeed on your appeal, the charge will only be $200.

- The price to appeal to the district court is $250 per hour with a $2000 retainer.

** No money-back guarantee.

Utah BCI Appeals

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