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Want to Know if You Can Restore Your Gun Rights? Firearm rights restoration laws are complicated, but our Firearm Rights Analysis service can determine if you are eligible to restore your gun rights.

  • Have a top-rated, experienced law firm analyze your case and give you a detailed recommendation
  • This service will provide you with a clear road map. We will let you know what cases are problems on your record, how you can fix any problems, and we will let you know exactly what the restoration will cost.
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Our Gun Rights Analysis service examines your criminal history and determines exactly what options are available to restore your gun rights. You will receive a written analysis that explains the law, required steps, and price options for you to restore your gun rights.

Overview of the Firearm Rights Analysis Service

Firearm rights are extremely complex and can be very confusing. Federal and state laws overlap to make this even more difficult. For general information about gun rights restoration, please click here (link to general page).

With our firearm rights analysis service, we do the heavy lifting for you to figure out what the problem is and what options there are to fix it. We are the only law firm in the country that serves 17 states and specializes in criminal record clearing. That experience and practice in so many states makes us uniquely situated to not only identify firearm bans accurately but to also restore your firearm rights efficiently and cost-effectively. We are licensed to take legal action for over 200 million Americans. If you are eligible for firearm rights restoration, chances are we are licensed to take your case.

Our analyses are based upon your record and all applicable laws which affect your gun rights. We evaluate your record and inform you what parts prohibit your second amendment gun rights and then we tell you how to restore them, if restoration is possible. We most likely are able to take your gun rights restoration case as well, and we will tell you how much that will cost in the analysis. Gun rights restoration services start as low as $750, depending on the state in which your record occurred.

We understand that cost is an important factor in choosing an attorney and we strive to keep our prices fair to our clients.

Who should complete this service?

Everyone is eligible for this service. However, we only recommend that you complete this service is you have ever been denied a gun purchase, or if you have anything on your record that makes you think you might be denied a gun purchase. When we complete the service, we will determine what services you are eligible for that would restore your gun rights.

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of this service are to figure out where you stand and how you can restore your gun rights:


How does the service work?

In the service, we pull your record and all applicable law. Using our expertise, we then create a personalized recommendation for you that outlines the steps required to restore your gun rights.

How long does the process take?

The process takes anywhere from 2 weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the case. Most of this time is spent waiting for official records to arrive.

How many states are covered by this service?

We are able to cover any state in which we are licensed. We are licensed in 18 states. The base fee covers a single state legal analysis. There is an additional $100 charge for each additional state or jurisdiction that you need analyzed. Please see our menu bar for which states we currently cover.

Will this restore my gun rights?

No. Because gun rights are so complex, this service is designed to determine how to restore your gun rights. We will provide you with an individualized recommendation on how to restore your gun rights at the end of the service.

How can I sign up for this service?

You can sign up online or you can call the number on this screen to talk to one of our client intake specialists.

To order, click "Buy Now" for your choice of payment, or call (877) 573-7273 to speak with one of our intake specialists.

What is included in the analysis?

In the analysis we pull court records and complete research on your case. We compile all of this into a written analysis which we then provide to you.

Will you continue to represent me, even after the service is complete?

Continued representation is not automatic and you are not obligated to complete a second service. In the analysis, we will offer you any services which we believe will be helpful to you. You can choose to accept any of these services and then our representation of you will continue.

To order, click "Buy Now" for your choice of payment, or call (877) 573-7273 to speak with one of our intake specialists.

Service Price
Firearm Rights Analysis Service $300
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5 I am overwhelmed with joy that I found this service, I thought that I was going to live with the albatross for the rest of my life. They made this process as easy as it possibly could be and for an incredibly affordable rate. I could not be happier.
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