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Washington Juvenile Record Sealing

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Have you struggled to move forward because of your juvenile conviction in Washington State? RecordGone.com is the authority on record clearing and we are keen to assist you by having your juvenile record sealed.

The aftermath of a juvenile conviction does not end once you have been released or have completed supervision. Your juvenile record is available for public scrutiny unless you get it sealed by the court. This means that if anyone does a background check on you for any reason they can find out about your past juvenile record. We know that can be embarrassing and seriously hurt your chances at getting a better paying job or finding a place to live. We want you to be able to succeed at life and shed the weight of this past juvenile record.

Washington does allow under certain circumstances for your juvenile record to be sealed. We can navigate the juvenile record sealing process for you. Our service is offered at one low flat fee that can be broken up into an interest-free payment plan. We are proud to have the best service with the most affordable prices.

We have honed our skills by doing record clearing all around the country. We are set apart from our competition because of our award-winning service, top-rated attorneys, online case management system, low-price guarantee, and the fact that we are the only firm to offer the option to have your record cleared where it matters most, at the top background check companies.

Once you sign up for our service, you can trust that we will work to get your juvenile record sealed in Washington as soon as possible.

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Motion to Seal Juvenile Record - The Law in Washington State

Annotated Revised Code of Washington Section 13.50.050 allows those who have a juvenile record to have the record sealed. If you have juvenile conviction in Washington, you may have a record that is open to public view. In the state of Washington, juvenile records do not automatically disappear when you turn 18. Most juvenile records will remain open to public access unless you get the court to seal them. In order to get the court to seal a juvenile record, a motion must be made with the court that processed your original case. There are several requirements, depending on what your original offense was, that you must satisfy to qualify to have your juvenile record sealed in Washington.

If you have a Class A offense, you must have spent at least 5 consecutive years in the community without being convicted or adjudicated of any offense or crime. The 5 years would begin from the last date from release from confinement, including residential treatment. You must also not have any pending proceedings against you and no longer be required to register as a sex offender. Payment in full must also be made for any fines or restitution. Those convicted of rape in the first or second degree are not eligible to get their record sealed at this time.

If you have Class B or C offense, a gross misdemeanor or misdemeanor offense, you must have spent at least 2 consecutive years in the community without being convicted of any crime or offense since the date of your release. You must not have any proceedings pending against you and must not be required to register as a sex offender. Additionally, all of your restitution must be paid.

Once sealed, the records are protected from public examination. The proceedings of the case will be treated like they never happened and if someone inquires about the events you may answer accordingly. It’s important to remember that after your records are sealed and protected from public examination, they still do exist. If you are convicted of a new crime as an adult or a juvenile the sealing order will be nullified and your juvenile record will be open to public view again.

What Happens Once You Sign Up? Juvenile Record Sealing Process in WA

It takes about 4 to 5 months for a juvenile record sealing case to be processed in Washington. We will start working on your case the same day we get it. You can trust us to handle the research and writing, to file the essential documents and to send one of our attorneys out to attend any hearings to enthusiastically represent your interests. The likelihood is that you will not have to come to court, but you can still monitor what is occurring with your case by logging into the case management system. We do all of this for one low price with no surprise costs.

The value of the service is amazing since it is sure to change your life for the better. Our payment plans make juvenile record sealing something that almost anyone can afford. Take a few moments of your time to do our free online evaluation to start the process of having a new life unencumbered by your past.

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* This price includes filing fees and court costs. In some instances a report from the Washington State Patrol may need to be obtained. This may require you to be fingerprinted and you may need to pay an additional approximate amount of $25.

Washington Juvenile Record Sealing

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