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I am a truck driver that needed to be able to get into Canada,before Recordgone.com I had tried to go across the border which resulted in a very long day and my truck getting impounded. I got a hold of the people at Recordgone.com and in just a few months they were able to get a gun charge dismissed as well as a MAJOR drug related felony. I have since been to Canada many times with little or no hassle. I am more than happy with the results and have in fact recommended them to my friends.

Patrick H.

Alameda County Expungement Attorneys

Alameda criminal record expungement is a great investment. Alameda courts allow for the expungement of almost all misdemeanors and felony criminal records so long as the person did not serve time in prison. It typically takes about 2 months to expunge a record in Alameda County.

Get Your Alameda Record Expunged for a Low Price

Expungement in Alameda is done in all criminal Superior Courts, including Oakland and Berkley. Once your record is expunged, the court will update government agencies, such as the California Department of Justice and the FBI. If you are concerned about private sector background check companies, we can make sure that the record is removed from more than 600 background check reports.

Alameda County Expungement Attorneys - Oakland and Beyond

We are a full-service expungement law firm. In fact, we helped write and define California's expungement laws. Having expunged more than 5,000 California records, it is safe to say that we are the number 1 expungement law firm. Call us today or take our free online eligibility test. Then put our expert expungement attorneys to work for you.

We want to see you succeed in getting your record expunged and beyond.

Find out which Alameda County criminal record services you qualify to benefit from. Our law firm handles hundreds of California cases every year. Take our Free Online Eligibility Test.

When you are looking to have your criminal record removed it is important to have a licensed expungement attorney working on your behalf. You can count on RecordGone.com's experienced attorneys and trained staff to guide you through the entire process without ever having to come in for an expensive office visit or appear in court.

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Find out which Alameda County criminal record services you qualify to benefit from. Our law firm handles hundreds of California cases every year.

Courts and District Attorney in Alameda County

Berkeley Courthouse
CA Superior Court Alameda Berkeley , 2120 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Fremont Hall of Justice
39439 Paseo Padre Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538

Hayward Hall of Justice
24405 Amador Street, Hayward, CA 94544

Oakland - Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse
Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse, 661 Washington Street, Oakland, CA 94607

5672 Stoneridge Drive, Pleasanton, CA 94588

Gale/Schenone Hall of Justice (Livermore/Pleasonton)
5672 Stoneridge Dr., Pleasanton, CA 94588

Alameda- George E. McDonald Hall of Justice
661 Washington St. , Oakland, CA 94607

Oakland - Renee C. Davidson Courthouse
Renee C. Davidson Courthouse, 1225 Fallon Street, Oakland, CA 94612

District Attorney: Tom Orloff

Facts about Alameda County

The District Attorney plays a role in expungement. The law requires that everyone who is applying with the court for expungement to submit a copy of the petition to the DA or city attorney who prosecuted the case.

Founded in 1853, Alameda County is located in Northern California, encompassing the East Bay Area. According to Alameda county’s official website the county is the 7th most populous county in the state consisting of 1.5 million people. The largest city, Oakland, also serves as the seat of the County government. Additionally, Alameda is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse places in the Bay Area and also in the entire country. In fact, the 2010 Census found there is no ethnic or racial group holding a majority in population. Another interesting fact that lends to Alameda’s diversity is that between 2008 and 2009 students in the K-12 public school system spoke 53 different languages collectively.

Alameda County District Attorney

Nancy E. O'Malley is the 2014 District Attorney for Alameda County. In January of 2011, Nancy was the first woman elected into the Alameda County District Attorney's office by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Nancy's career with the District Attorney's office, however, started 30 years ago as the Chief Assistant District Attorney, which is a position that she held from 1984 to 1999. Nancy has served as the head of the Sexual Assault Unit, the leader of a Felony Trial Team and Felony Preliminary Hearing Unit. Nancy has also served as the assistant team leader of the Law and Motion Department, and serves as the Assistant Branch Head of the DA's Office at the Wiley Manuel Courthouse in Oakland.

Nancy was inducted into the Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame, Justice Category in 2004. The California Senate awarded Nancy the Woman of the Year award for leadership in ending Violence Against Women in 1998. In addition to serving in a leadership position for multiple causes, Nancy has written several bills that have been signed into law, including the expansion of protections for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and elder abuse in addition to focusing on stronger protections for child victims and crime victims with disabilities. She has a track record of being tough on crime. That makes it imperative that you hire a law firm to represent you in expunging your record in Alameda County since this strict district attorney will see your record.

The DA's in Alameda will review hundreds of expungement requests in a year. They first check to see if the record is eligible to be expunged, and then they decide whether or not to oppose the request.

Alameda County District Attorney’s Office

1225 Fallon Street, Suite 900 Oakland, CA 94612

(506) 272-6222

Other office locations include:

  1. Rene C. Davidson Courthouse - Oakland
  2. Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse - Oakland
  3. Fremont Hall of Justice - Fremont
  4. Hayward Hall of Justice - Hayward
  5. Gale/Shenone Hall of Justice - Pleasanton
  6. CALICO - San Leandro
  7. Consumer & Environmental Protection & Public Assistance Fraud - Oakland
  8. Juvenile Justice - San Leandro
  9. Victim & Witness Assistance - Oakland
  10. Alameda County Family Justice Center - Oakland

The industry in Alameda County is lead by educational services, health care, social assistance, followed closely by strong industries in fields such as professional, scientific, management, administrative and waste management services. Agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, and mining are also fields of industry in Alameda County. If you are looking for employment in any of these industries in Alameda County, you may need to expunge or seal your criminal record in order to pass criminal background checks.

Finding a job with a criminal record in Alameda

Even though having your record expunged, sealed, or set aside can greatly increase your ability to find a job, other factors can benefit your job search as well. We have prepared a short video, getting employed with a criminal record, that provides such tips and advice.

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We can remove criminal records from any city in Alameda County, such as Berkeley, Fremont, Hayward, Oakland and San Leandro.

Client Testimonials

"Thank you very much for all of your help. You have been just wonderful and I appreciate everything that you have done for me during this process."

- Al R.

"I am quite confident with a lesser attorney the judge would have denied it, although my attorney stood her ground and ultimately got the judge (and the prosecutor) to change his mind and agree to vacate."

- Tyler A.

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5 I am overwhelmed with joy that I found this service, I thought that I was going to live with the albatross for the rest of my life. They made this process as easy as it possibly could be and for an incredibly affordable rate. I could not be happier.
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