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How to Update and Correct Your FBI Criminal History Report

If you have requested an FBI Criminal History Report and find an inconsistency, such as outdated or incorrect information, the FBI allows you to challenge your Identification Record.

What is an Identification Record?

Your Identification Record is essentially your criminal record. The report may include your list of prior arrests and convictions, in addition to your fingerprints, naturalization, and military service. Information such as the date of arrest, booking, charges, and disposition may also be included in your FBI Identification Report.

How the FBI Obtains Records

The FBI obtains your records through various agencies including local, state, federal, and international. In certain instances, you may need to contact the agency rather than the FBI. State agencies are responsible for updating and correcting criminal history records. You can contact the arresting agency that booked you, or the state repository.

Updating and Correcting an Identification Record

Updating or correcting an Identification Record may include entering expunged cases, granted pardons, conviction levels changed, or the restoration of civil rights or firearm rights. When submitting a challenge request, it is beneficial to submit supporting documents to indicate the final outcome of the arrest(s).

In order to challenge your record, you may contact the agency that originally submitted the information or you may send your challenge to:

What Happens Next

Once your paperwork is submitted to the Correspondence Group, the Correspondence Group will contact the agencies to verify and/or correct your entry. Upon receiving official receipt of communication from the agencies, the FBI will make the necessary or appropriate changes, and notify you of the outcome. You will receive a copy of any record found in the FBI's Criminal File. When no Criminal File is found, your fingerprint card will be dated with a stamp reading "No Arrest Record."

The FBI Criminal History Report includes only the information submitted by local, state, federal, and certain international agencies. The state repository is responsible for maintaining and updating state criminal history records.

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