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Were you arrested but not convicted in Arizona? Are you afraid that arrest is showing up on background checks and keeping you from great jobs and other prospects? Record clearing is our specialty. We want to help you seal your arrest record in Arizona.

Unfortunately, the burden to successfully seal an arrest record in Arizona is extremely high. Not being convicted is not enough to have your record sealed. The petitioner would have to show with evidence that they were wrongfully arrested or actually innocent. Since the State is not inclined to admit when a mistaken arrest occurred, usually very little evidence is made available to prove innocence. Since these cases are so difficult to win and the success rate so low, we are no longer offering this service. We recommend our Background Check Removal Service to remove your personal and identifying information from 40 popular websites used for background checks.

It really is not fair that an arrest that did not lead to a conviction can still show up on your record. Unfortunately, that is the reality. Your past Arizona arrest record may appear on routine background checks run by potential employers, potential landlords or anyone else with internet access and a few dollars to spare. The knowledge about your arrest can be used to discriminate against you and unfairly block you from opportunities. The law in Arizona does provide that your arrest record can be sealed so that you can prevent the above effects and be able to live your life unfettered by your past arrest.

We lead the nation in post-conviction relief and record clearing law and we want to use our talents and experience to help you. In Arizona, we have worked on 1,000+ record clearing cases. Unlike our competition we offer record clearing not just in the courtroom but also with the most popular background check companies.

Is Your Record Eligible to be Sealed?

If you have been arrested and not convicted, you may qualify for a record sealing of that arrest. If you get your record sealed, nobody will see the arrest and you can say it never happened. Take a few moments to start improving your future by filling out this free evaluation to see if you qualify to get your arrest record sealed.

Sealing a Criminal Arrest Record In Arizona

Arizona Revised Statute (ARS 13-4051) allows a defendant, who was wrongfully arrested, indicted, or otherwise charged, and not convicted, to petition the court to enter on his/her record that they have been cleared of all charges. If successful, the judge will order all law enforcement agencies and courts to cease from distributing the arrest record to anyone. It will be as if the arrest did not happen. Any person who has notice of the order and fails to comply will be liable to you for damages caused.

Benefits of Sealing Your AZ Arrest Record

Sealing of the arrest and case records will allow you to answer with confidence to an inquiry, including, without limitation, an inquiry relating to an application for employment, that you have not been arrested for the crime.

How Long Does it Take To Seal A Record in AZ?

The standard record sealing case in Arizona can take 6 months or more. The time it takes differs depending on how many cases the court has taken before yours, because they process each case as they get them.

The price we charge for this service is a flat price that includes all the work we do to get your record sealed plus filing fees and court costs. We pride ourselves in offering such a valuable life changing service at a reasonable price. We even offer a payment plan that can help you sign up with us sooner so we can start working on your case sooner.

Once we receive your case we gather information necessary for your petition. We then put your petition together and file it with the proper court. If the DA objects to your petition we will respond to that objection. We also have one of our top attorneys attend court to represent your interests fervently. We have found that in the majority of the cases your presence in court will not be mandatory.

Online Case Management System: Want to know what is happening with your case? We offer an easy and convenient way to check the status of your case by logging into our exclusive online case management system.

Low-Price Guarantee: Find an offer or ad for this same service for less? Bring it in and we will gladly beat it.

Our exclusive Expedited Record Clearance Update service allows us to have the leading background check companies reflect changes to your criminal record in less than 14 days, instead of months and even years like our competitors.

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Arizona Record Sealing

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