Oregon Expungement of Juvenile Record

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Do you want your juvenile record in Oregon to be off-limits to future employers? Do you want to make sure you are not shut out of future opportunities because of your juvenile conviction? We are dedicated to helping those in your situation make the first step toward a better life by getting your juvenile case removed from your record.

Having a juvenile record can make it hard to get a job, find a residence, receive credit or even apply to student loans. Having this burden can be very discouraging when you are trying to better yourself. You just want to be given a fair chance at life without being constantly judged by your past. We at Recordgone.com understand your needs because we have devoted ourselves to helping people around the country clear their records and start anew. We are excited and honored to use our expertise to help you expunge your juvenile record in Oregon.

Application for Order of Expunction- OR Law

Oregon Revised Statute Section 419A.262 allows for an expungement to be ordered by a juvenile court upon application by the person who is the subject of the record. If the expungement is contested, a hearing must occur before it the expungement is granted. The juvenile court must find that at least 5 years have passed since the person’s most recent termination, that the person has not been convicted of a Class A misdemeanor or felony since the most recent termination, that no criminal or juvenile court proceedings are pending, and that the juvenile department is not aware of any pending investigation of the person by a law enforcement agency.

Check out our free online eligibility test to see if you qualify to get your juvenile case in Oregon removed from your record.

In Oregon, the expungement of a juvenile record can take anywhere for 4 to 6 months usually. How fast your case is decided depends on how busy the court is at the time your case is received by the court. When you sign up with us, you can rest assured that we will handle all aspects of your case including the research that needs to be done, the writing and filing of any necessary documents, and sending one of our experienced attorneys to advocate for you in court. Our low flat fee encompasses all this work with no hidden costs. You most likely will not have to come to court yourself, but you can monitor the status of your case by checking our cutting edge online case management system from your home computer.

Please also learn about our one of kind Expedited Record Clearance Update service that updates the top background check companies with your recently cleared record information within 14 days.

Our exclusive Expedited Record Clearance Update service allows us to have the leading background check companies reflect changes to your criminal record in less than 14 days, instead of months and even years like our competitors.

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Oregon Expungement of Juvenile Record

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