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Do you need assistance expunging your Florida juvenile record? We have completed thousands of expungement cases throughout the country. Let us use our command of expungement law to help you expunge your past juvenile case in Florida.

Your juvenile record may be affecting you negatively by showing up in background searches. You may have lost a chance at a new job and a place to live. The fact that the record is out there to be found may have caused you shame or humiliation. Having a juvenile record should not be a sentence for life. You have accepted responsibility for your actions and should be allowed to reach your goals and be a productive member of society. The law in Florida does provide for expungement of juvenile records in certain cases, and as the foremost authority on expungement in the nation, we are uniquely equipped to handle your case.

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Three Ways to Get Juvenile Records Expunged in Florida

For juvenile offenses, Florida has three avenues for expungement. Pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 943.0515, the first way is an automatic expungement of a juvenile record, at age 24 or 26, depending on prior history and arrests or convictions as an adult. If you qualify for this type of expungement, your juvenile record should have been expunged automatically. If for some reason it was not, an application should be filed.

The second way a juvenile record can be expunged is called an administrative expunction. Florida Statute Section 943.0581 calls for the administrative expunction of any non-judicial record of an arrest of a juvenile made “contrary to law or by mistake.” The application for administrative expunction must be endorsed by the head of the arresting agency or the state attorney (or their designees).

The third way is expunction by petition of some misdemeanors after successful completion of a pre-arrest, post-arrest, or teen court diversion program under Florida Statutes Section 943.0582. An application for a juvenile diversion expunction must be filed within six months of completing the diversion program. An official written statement from the state attorney must be submitted with the application certifying that the diversion plan was completed and that the participation in the program was based on an arrest for a nonviolent misdemeanor. After that time, the individual would have to apply for a regular sealing or expungement.

Once your record is expunged, it is as though the charge never existed and you are able to apply for most jobs without the fear that it will appear. The only employment opportunity in which you must disclose it is for employment with a criminal justice agency, such as the police department.

As soon as you sign on to our services we initiate work on your case. We are prepared to handle everything from researching and writing and filing the petition to sending our attorneys to court to fervently argue your case. Our flat fee takes into account all this work and there are no surprise costs. We will use the strength of our knowledge about expungement to bolster your case. In Florida, these types of cases can take up to a year depending on how swamped the court is and how complex your case may be. Your physical appearance in court will not be necessary in most cases.

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Florida Juvenile Record Sealing

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