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Is a juvenile record in Ohio keeping you or your loved one from obtaining gainful employment or causing other types of distress? Recordgone.com can help you seal that juvenile conviction with our unrivaled service and expertise.

Many people have made mistakes in their youth. We do not believe you should pay for these mistakes forever. Unfortunately, even juvenile records can come up in routine background checks conducted by employers, landlords or banks. Having an unsealed juvenile record can prevent a person from getting work, renting an apartment and from receiving credit from banks. However, having a juvenile conviction come up and ruin your life does not have to be the case.

Ohio law allows for juvenile convictions to be sealed. The effect of having a juvenile record sealed is that you can say that no record exists, and the records would only be accessible in very limited circumstances. Sealing your juvenile records can open up new possibilities in life. Recordgone.com is in a class by itself when it comes to record clearing, trust that we can do the best job for you to get your juvenile record sealed.

OH Law - Criteria for Sealing Juvenile Records

Ohio Revised Code section 2151.356 allows for the sealing of juvenile records. Many juvenile records in Ohio should automatically be sealed. Juvenile records should have automatically been sealed when there was an arrest but no complaint filed, when the juvenile was charged with underage drinking and completed a diversion program, and when the complaint was dismissed after a trial. If for some reason these records were not automatically sealed, an application to seal the records can be made.

If adjudicated a delinquent child, one may be able to file an application to have their juvenile record sealed. A person cannot have their record sealed under this section if they have a violation of Ohio Revised Code section 2903.01 (aggravated murder), 2903.02 (murder), or 2907.02 (rape). Also at the time of the application the person should no longer be under jurisdiction of the court in relation to any delinquent child complaints.

The application to seal juvenile records cannot be made until at least six months after one of the following:
• The termination of any order made by the court in relation to the adjudication
• The unconditional discharge of the person from the department of youth services
• The court enters an order that the child is no longer a juvenile offender registrant

The courts in Ohio look at several factors when determining if the juvenile record should be sealed. They will determine whether or not the youth has been satisfactorily rehabilitated by looking at the age of the person, the nature of the case, the cessation of criminal or delinquent behavior, their education and employment history and any other factors the court deems relevant. The court will also take into account if the prosecuting attorney has no objection and does not respond to the application.

Ohio Revised Code section 2151.357 provides that once the juvenile record is sealed, if there is an inquiry on the matter, the youth and the court can respond that no record exists and that no proceedings have occurred.

Once your juvenile record in Ohio is sealed you may become eligible to have it expunged, which goes beyond sealing to actually destroying and deleting the records.

Are you or your loved one eligible to get a juvenile record sealed in Ohio? Try our free online evaluation and find out.

Application to Seal Juvenile Record in Record in OH - The Process

Courts in Ohio usually take about 5 to 6 months to process an application to seal a juvenile record. This process can also take more time if the prosecuting attorney has objections and a hearing needs to be scheduled. We charge one flat fee to handle all aspects of the case including research, writing and filing the application, responding to oral or written opposition by the prosecuting attorney and if necessary sending our attorney to a hearing in court to present your case. We also have a state of the art system where you can track your case up to the minute online by logging in with your unique user name and password.

This flat fee we charge can be broken up into a no-interest payment plan. We also have a low-price guarantee, because we are confident that we offer the best service at the best price.

We are the firm to go to for record clearing cases, because we have handled thousands of cases across the nation. We know how to get records cleared as fast as possible. Use this knowledge and take advantage of our juvenile record sealing service in Ohio.

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Ohio Juvenile Sealing

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