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Is your Ohio Juvenile Record standing in the way of your future? Do you want to have it expunged? We have handled thousands of expungements, and we want to help you.

Routine background checks have become a normal part of our society. Regrettably, juvenile records may come up during these searches and wreak havoc in your life. You can lose job opportunities and the ability to rent a home. You may also be embarrassed by what you did as a kid and want to keep it private. Thankfully, Ohio law does allow for you to get your past juvenile conviction expunged.

In Ohio, juvenile record expungement amounts to having your file totally destroyed or deleted. If your case is expunged, it will be permanently gone from the court records. We have handled over 12,000 record clearing cases across the country and we are the experts at getting cases expunged as fast as possible. Juvenile record expungement is a valuable service we offer that allows you to change your life for the better by being able to move past being judged by having a juvenile conviction.

Law in OH- Expungement of Sealed Juvenile Records

Ohio Revised Code section 2151.358 provides that a juvenile court shall expunge all records five years after the court issues a sealing order or when the person turns 23 years old, whichever date is earlier. If this did not occur automatically or if you want to get your juvenile record expunged sooner you will have to apply to the court.

The court considers several factors when deciding whether to expunge records. The court will look at if the youth has been satisfactorily rehabilitated. Rehabilitation is determined by looking at the age of the person, the nature of the case, education and employment history, cessation or continuation of criminal behavior, and any other circumstances the court deems relevant. Also the court looks at whether the DA has any objections or response to the application. If the DA does respond or object to an application a hearing will be scheduled.

After the juvenile records have been expunged, upon any inquiry on the matter, the person who is subject of the expunged records may and the court shall respond that no record exists.

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Juvenile Expungement Process in OH

It can take up to 6 months or more in Ohio to have your juvenile expungement application processed. The time it takes depends upon how busy the court is and how complex your case may be. Utilizing our years of experience, we will do our best to get your record expunged as soon as possible. We begin working on your case the same day you sign up. We will do the necessary research, compose and file your application, respond to any prosecution opposition, and send an attorney to represent you in court all for one reasonable flat fee. The flat fee contains no hidden costs and may be broken up into a payment plan.

We are at the cutting edge of what we do and we want to assist you. Our award-winning customer service is unequaled in the record clearing industry. You will be able to check your case from anywhere you have an internet connection with our exclusive online case-management system.

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Ohio Juvenile Expungement

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